Sunday, March 15, 2009

We're Engaged!

We're Engaged!

I have been meaning to start writing a blog and this seems like the perfect time since there will be many fun adventures in the next few months!

Scott proposed on Saturday morning at Kate Sessions Park. The park over looks Pacific Beach, and you can see the city as well as the ocean. We have been talking about watching the sunrise for months so we decided this Saturday would be the day. Little did I know Scott would be proposing! We got up just before the sun was suppose to rise and got to the park, but it was too cloudy. Despite me being a brat and not wanting to get out of the car since there was no point, I gave in. We walked to a bench at the top of the park and sat to look at the amazing view. I was looking off to the left hoping the sun would rise through the clouds and miraculously we would see the sunrise. While I am wishing for a sunrise miracle Scott is busy getting out the ring and getting on one knee...I of course immediately started crying like crazy and shaking. At some point between the laughing, crying and shaking I said YES!...this was only part 1 of a 3 part surprise. Our first picture being engaged...

Part 2 was him and I having breakfast on the beach, or so I thought...we rode our bikes down to the beach and waited 30 minutes to go into the breakfast place with many open seats. I should have known he was up to something else, but I was too excited to put two and two together. We finally go inside The Eggery and I soon find out our very good friends Luke and Tisha and little Em too, are here to celebrate with us!

Part 3 of my day of surprise was dinner. Scott said he made dinner reservations for him and I for sushi at 830. I then proceed to make plans to have drinks afterwards with all of my friends. After the trickery he played in the morning I must have asked him about 15 times through out the day if dinner was just him and I, because I was going to be very embarrassed if I made all these plans if they were going to be at dinner. He assured me all 15 times dinner was just him and I. We get to Zen 5 and Scott walks right in...If follow behind with a very puzzled look on my face. I turn the corner to find 9 of my closest friends including my sister sitting at a table waiting for me!!! Again, completely surprised!!!

It was the most wonderful amazing day. Scott did everything perfectly, and being able to share this day with my friends was awesome. If only my parents could have been there too...but a flight from Guam would have taken a few days!
p.s. the date is June 5, 2010


megan said...

congrats again jen, you can be our blogger friend now :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Jen,
Yours and Scott day sounds just wonderful!

Mom and Dad!

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