Sunday, May 17, 2009

Strawberry Festival

Yesterday we went to the 26th annual Strawberry festival. This was not some little local event, this thing is huge. They expected 70,000 people to attend in 2 days. People come from all around California to try every strawberry dish known to man. We had strawberry pizza, chicken on a stick, garlic fries, strawberry lemonade, strawberry beer, a strawberry margarita, strawberry funnel cake, and of course strawberry shortcake. There were tons of other strawberry dishes, strawberry nachos, rolled tacos with guacamole and strawberries, strawberry wine, strawberry champagne just to name a few. We found some awesome items to add to our wine themed dining room. They had live bands, rides for the kids and all the craft type booths a girl could imagine, it was hard not to buy something at every tent.

Here is all the food we enjoyed...

p.s. yesterday was our one month anniversary. We've been married for a month, crazy!!


Kelly said...

hi hun! Congrats on getting married! that's so exciting :) Can't wait to meet your husband! Also- thank you for the card that was so thoughtful :) Hope to see you very soon!


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