Friday, July 31, 2009

Adventures in Guam, part 1

I safely arrived back in LA on Wednesday morning...and spent the last few days getting back into the Pacific time zone...

My trip started out on Wednesday July 15th, the adventure began right away when we sat in the airplane at LAX for 4 hours before we actually took off, thus, when I arrived in Tokyo, Japan my connecting flight had left and I had to stay over was a fun experience and I didn't pay a thing to be shuttled back and forth and be put up in a hotel...

I spent 12 days in Guam with my parents and had an amazing time. We did so much, snorkeling, hiking, touring the island and just hanging out. Guam has a very interesting history. Some time in the 1940's Japan invaded the island and took over. On July 21, 1944 the U.S. took back over the island and liberated Guam, therefore, July 21st is Liberation Day in Guam (like our 4th of July) I was there for this huge island holiday, they have a parade and the entire island shuts down in celebration, it was a really good time. All the different military branches make floats and march in the parade along with many other local businesses. My Dad and his command had a float so it was a lot of fun to sit with everyone and cheer all the floats on.

Every place we went to had so much history. The island was originally controlled by Spain, but was part of the "deal" for the U.S. in 1898 during the Spanish American War...the pictures below are of cannons used by the Spaniards...

Here are a few pics of the parade...

to be continued...

Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Scott!

Today is Scott's birthday, it's kind of a bummer he has class after work until about 8:30...He doesn't know it yet, but he is getting an ice cream cake, which he will be super excited about. I love you baby!

I leave for Guam in 2 days, I am extremely excited to go but I am not excited about the 11 hour flight to get from LA to Tokyo and then 2 more just seems like something that big shouldn't be able to be in the air for that long.

We went to SD this past weekend and had a lot of fun. My best friend got engaged on July 1st in Paris, so on Friday night we did a girls night celebration. Between my wedding next June, her wedding in July and my sister's in August next summer should be pretty crazy. It was over 100 degrees all weekend so going swimming with Scott's god son, Emery, was tons of fun and made the heat some what bearable. Once I get some pictures of us swimming I will post them, he is by far the cutest kid ever and while he is only 2 I think he might be smarter than most 5 year olds!
Sunday was filled with cleaning up my parents weed-filled yard and meeting with my wedding planner. I think she is going to be a perfect match.

The hubby surprised me last week and bought me a computer. My old laptop was about 4 years old from the end of my college years and it no longer had a wireless Internet connection and would not work for more than 5 minutes unless plugged into the wall. (I think maybe he just was tired of me using his computer all the time :o))

I don't know that I shared with everyone but for the last few months Scott and I have been stressed out about whether or not he will be in the Navy after December of this year. God answered our prayers and on Tuesday of last week we found out that all his paperwork was approved and we will be in Ventura CA until December of 2011. That means Scott will get to finish school and should graduate in May of 2010!

We started our marriage counseling with our Pastor and it is going very well. We are learning lots about each other and how to live in the Lord and make our marriage the best it can possibly be. We also asked our pastor up here to do our wedding ceremony in SD next year.

Lots of traveling for both of us in the coming week, me to Guam on Wednesday July 15th, and Scott is going to Alaska for a few weeks for work next Wednesday, July 22nd. Keeps us in your prayers for safe travel and no crazy issues :)
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