Friday, August 28, 2009

Baby Preston Arrives!!!

While Scott's sister, Staci, was visiting us our very dear friend, Letitia, went into Labour! Only 9 days early! I have to say, this was one of the most amazing experiences ever. We went down to SD on Sunday morning (8/23) to watch our "nephew" Emery, while Tish was busy having contractions...We took Emery to the hospital just hours after Preston Scott was born to show him is new baby brother. It was so amazing to see the little bundle of joy that Tish and Luke created, having a baby really is a miracle!

We spent 2 days taking care of Emery, it was like I became a mother for two days! It is extremely hard to function with a 2 year old, I cannot imagine how Tish and Luke are going to do it with a newborn too. However, they amaze me with the way they have brought up Emery. If anyone can have one kid in their terrible two's and a new born it is them!

There have been many discussion over the last few months about how Em will respond to being a big brother and having to "compete" for time once the baby is born. He has embraced having a baby around and it makes you cry, literally I cried (is that really a big surprise to most of you, I tend to cry when I watch MTV!), to see him love his little brother so much!

We also got to take Em to the beach on Monday while mommy and baby were at the hospital, oh and Daddy too! Every time Scott and I get to spend the day with Em, I swear I fall more in love with him. It is amazing to have someone that loves to see you all the time and gets such a kick out of every thing you do! And hearing him say "Auntie Rella" is so cute! While Staci and Scott went boggie boarding Em and I played in the water and then began to learn the song "john jacob jingleheimer schmidt"...Tish has taught him so many songs, in so many languages, I had to try and help out, just a bit...I think the part Em enjoyed the most was when the people behind us on the beach starting singing with him as can imagine his favorite part is at the end when he gets to yell "na, na, na, na, NA"

I am pretty sure I cried multiple times while holding Baby Preston...and of course it made me want to have one of my own. CALM DOWN everyone! Scott and I are not having a baby any time soon, hello! I have to wear a wedding dress in 9 months. While I might want one a bit sooner than Scott does, it isn't happening and that is a different blog topic :)

Tish, I didn't have a pic of you so I had to steal from FB!!

WARNING: this video might make you cry :)

Staci's visit to Cali

We have all been waiting for months, since Christmas really, for Staci to come to California and visit Scott and I...and since we planned the trip Scott and I got married, so it was even more exciting for Scott's sister to see our place etc.

The trip was quite an adventure, for both Staci and us! We did lots of driving, the weather wasn't as great as we had hoped, but we still hit up many beaches in So Cal...but the end of the trip was even more exciting for us, as our friends Luke and Letitia had their baby...but that is my next blog! :)

I think my favorite day was on Friday when we went to Malibu for breakfast at Paradise Cove and ate right on the beach! It.was.GORGEOUS. then we went to Venice Beach, which is very reminiscent of San Francisco (my favorite city). Scott has been dying to go to Venice Beach for months, once we arrived he declared that this was his favorite beach ever! lol...maybe they don't have sidewalk vendors and graffiti walls in Michigan, hehe.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Habitat for Humanity

Last Saturday Scott and I volunteered to help build a house with Habitat for Humanity. It was an awesome experience that we hope to do again soon. The house was only about 15 minutes away, but it was "across the railroad tracks...". This lot was known for years by the Oxnard police because it was a drug dealers headquarters. It took many years to get the land taken over by the city and then transferred/given to Habitat for Humanity (I don't remember the exact process but it was not quick and easy). I think what is so amazing about this home as well as other homes built by this organization is that about 90% of the people who help construct these homes have no idea what they are doing, this includes Scott and I. The day we were there they were working on putting up the siding. I quickly became the queen of caulking, while Scott quickly understood the entire process and was "leading" our little group. It was really amazing to think that we woke up on a Saturday morning and by the afternoon we were fully skilled at putting up the siding on a house. Would we be as quick and efficient as a construction crew, no, but can we do it, YES! While we were there we were also asked to donate money to FoodShare (This was a fundraiser event tied into the work day for Habitat for Humanity). This is an local organization that provides food to families/individuals that can't buy food. Some interesting facts: they are partners with about 150 organizations, they feed about 41,000 mouths a month, with every dollar donated they can get about $7.15 worth of food! How amazing is that?! Scott and I donated $50 dollars, which is about $350 dollars worth of food they will be able to get from their partnerships with various organizations. The house will be complete in October, we hope to be able to go and work on the house again and see the ceremony when the house it finally given to the family.

Friday, August 14, 2009

i love me some shoes

My wedding shoes arrived in the mail yesterday!
If your personality could be described by a shoe, these are me baaaaybeee!

I have not yet found my wedding dress, BUT, you best believe I found the shoes. Yes, they are 4 inch heels, but there is a hidden 1/2 inch platform, so they are much more manageable to walk in than they appear.

Don't you just love the gold inside?!

I have always loved,err, been obsessed with shoes. Scott does not seem to understand my love affair. I have about 60 pairs of shoes. I have parted with may pairs over they years. (I also think about the many shoes I did get rid of and wish I had again, tear.) My philosophy is once you get rid of a pair you will find yourself buying a similar pair a few months later because you need them. Thus, I am really saving money by not getting rid of my beloved shoes. My shoe collection is always organized while the rest of my closet looks like a tornado hit it.

I can't wait to be wearing a strapless white dress and know that the shoes underneath are something fierce!

Friday, August 7, 2009

musings of an overly tan auntie rella

Woohoooo, Scott comes home tomorrow night, I can't wait! Don't everyone get all crazy on me, he has only been gone for a few weeks but it will be good to have my hubby home, we are of course still newlyweds.

Scott's sister, Staci, is coming to visit in a little over a week. I am really excited, our first out of state guest in our cute little place! Just don't share with her our crazy/psycho/scary/ghetto neighbors and we will all be fine. Meg, you deal with the bum and we get the horrid neighbors!
I have lots of fun stuff planned, Venice Beach, Santa Barbara, shopping in Newport, the beach, Universal, all of that in only 6 days! Then a few weeks later for the long weekend Scott and I are driving up to SF for a quick stay and then a day in Yosemite. I am beyond exited for our little road trip. I absolutely love SF, I wish could live there. I will feel so at home when we are there....oooo and Blondie's pizza, I can't wait!!!

I have finally figured out my next step in this thing we call that I have quit my job, got married, moved away from my beloved SD and started to plan a wedding after saying "I do"...I want to....go back to school to get my Master's degree to be a family counselor. Simple, right?!

Of course not, but I'm completely pumped about it. I have found a few highly recommended schools around the area that I would love to attend. I will be spending the next few months applying to them and should know in the spring if I get the privilege of calling my self a college student again next fall (2010).

Each application has 2-3 different essays/personal statements I have to write. Since I haven't been in school since 2006 I am pretty sure that I am going to have about 20 drafts of each essay. Just thinking about going to Starbucks to write the essays that will potentially get me into college makes me giddy. Yes, I am one of those freaks who finds such inspiration and complete joy studying at Starbucks for hours at a time. In Riverside it was my second home!

What I am not looking forward to is living like a college student again...therefore, I will be spending the next 13 months saving for a wedding and paying off every little debit I have so I can fully enjoy college again! (I've been doing that for the last 5 months but now I have a goal besides the wedding) Don't be fooled, I am about 99% sure I will be working the first year, but the second year I will probably have to have my wonderful hubby cover all living costs as I will need to have internships. But hey if Luke and Tish win the Lotto they said they would share, so maybe that will happen for us!

Speaking of Luke and Tish, Tish is about push out that baby any day now. As much as the 29th works best for mommy, daddy, auntie, and uncle I think we are all aware that the little bundle of joy is coming much sooner than that...I am soooooooo excited, I wonder if maybe more so than L and T...hehe probably not, but my excitement is pretty high. Now Scott and I will have Em to play with and a newborn to ooooo and ahhhhh over whenever the baby urge strikes. It has been striking me a lot more as of late, but don't worry no baby shower in our near future...

I think it might be time for some popcorn and HGTV!!

Adventures in Guam, part 2

So I have finally taken the time to download the last little bit of pictures from Guam, why it took me over a week to do a task that takes 2 minutes, I am not sure.

The last couple of days we did a lot of hiking. The first hike my dad and I did he actually sprained his ankle, but after about 2 days rest and of course finishing the hike we were on he was almost good as new so we did a few more adventures.

It really is a bit unreal how much land there is to explore on such a small island. Probably because every square inch isn't bulldozed for a strip mall or new $700,000 housing community! Oh, the bamboo there is crazy, it grows like weeds! I really think that bamboo should be the new wood used for everything, it is so strong and durable and grows like crazy...we cut down a big "log" of it to make some vases for me to take back, but never got a chance to make them. Hopefully my mom will bring them back when she comes out in the next few weeks :)

more pics...

I swear the pictures don't really capture how gorgeous it was in Guam compared to the dry desert of Southern California.

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