Friday, August 7, 2009

Adventures in Guam, part 2

So I have finally taken the time to download the last little bit of pictures from Guam, why it took me over a week to do a task that takes 2 minutes, I am not sure.

The last couple of days we did a lot of hiking. The first hike my dad and I did he actually sprained his ankle, but after about 2 days rest and of course finishing the hike we were on he was almost good as new so we did a few more adventures.

It really is a bit unreal how much land there is to explore on such a small island. Probably because every square inch isn't bulldozed for a strip mall or new $700,000 housing community! Oh, the bamboo there is crazy, it grows like weeds! I really think that bamboo should be the new wood used for everything, it is so strong and durable and grows like crazy...we cut down a big "log" of it to make some vases for me to take back, but never got a chance to make them. Hopefully my mom will bring them back when she comes out in the next few weeks :)

more pics...

I swear the pictures don't really capture how gorgeous it was in Guam compared to the dry desert of Southern California.


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