Friday, August 28, 2009

Baby Preston Arrives!!!

While Scott's sister, Staci, was visiting us our very dear friend, Letitia, went into Labour! Only 9 days early! I have to say, this was one of the most amazing experiences ever. We went down to SD on Sunday morning (8/23) to watch our "nephew" Emery, while Tish was busy having contractions...We took Emery to the hospital just hours after Preston Scott was born to show him is new baby brother. It was so amazing to see the little bundle of joy that Tish and Luke created, having a baby really is a miracle!

We spent 2 days taking care of Emery, it was like I became a mother for two days! It is extremely hard to function with a 2 year old, I cannot imagine how Tish and Luke are going to do it with a newborn too. However, they amaze me with the way they have brought up Emery. If anyone can have one kid in their terrible two's and a new born it is them!

There have been many discussion over the last few months about how Em will respond to being a big brother and having to "compete" for time once the baby is born. He has embraced having a baby around and it makes you cry, literally I cried (is that really a big surprise to most of you, I tend to cry when I watch MTV!), to see him love his little brother so much!

We also got to take Em to the beach on Monday while mommy and baby were at the hospital, oh and Daddy too! Every time Scott and I get to spend the day with Em, I swear I fall more in love with him. It is amazing to have someone that loves to see you all the time and gets such a kick out of every thing you do! And hearing him say "Auntie Rella" is so cute! While Staci and Scott went boggie boarding Em and I played in the water and then began to learn the song "john jacob jingleheimer schmidt"...Tish has taught him so many songs, in so many languages, I had to try and help out, just a bit...I think the part Em enjoyed the most was when the people behind us on the beach starting singing with him as can imagine his favorite part is at the end when he gets to yell "na, na, na, na, NA"

I am pretty sure I cried multiple times while holding Baby Preston...and of course it made me want to have one of my own. CALM DOWN everyone! Scott and I are not having a baby any time soon, hello! I have to wear a wedding dress in 9 months. While I might want one a bit sooner than Scott does, it isn't happening and that is a different blog topic :)

Tish, I didn't have a pic of you so I had to steal from FB!!

WARNING: this video might make you cry :)


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