Friday, August 14, 2009

i love me some shoes

My wedding shoes arrived in the mail yesterday!
If your personality could be described by a shoe, these are me baaaaybeee!

I have not yet found my wedding dress, BUT, you best believe I found the shoes. Yes, they are 4 inch heels, but there is a hidden 1/2 inch platform, so they are much more manageable to walk in than they appear.

Don't you just love the gold inside?!

I have always loved,err, been obsessed with shoes. Scott does not seem to understand my love affair. I have about 60 pairs of shoes. I have parted with may pairs over they years. (I also think about the many shoes I did get rid of and wish I had again, tear.) My philosophy is once you get rid of a pair you will find yourself buying a similar pair a few months later because you need them. Thus, I am really saving money by not getting rid of my beloved shoes. My shoe collection is always organized while the rest of my closet looks like a tornado hit it.

I can't wait to be wearing a strapless white dress and know that the shoes underneath are something fierce!


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