Friday, August 7, 2009

musings of an overly tan auntie rella

Woohoooo, Scott comes home tomorrow night, I can't wait! Don't everyone get all crazy on me, he has only been gone for a few weeks but it will be good to have my hubby home, we are of course still newlyweds.

Scott's sister, Staci, is coming to visit in a little over a week. I am really excited, our first out of state guest in our cute little place! Just don't share with her our crazy/psycho/scary/ghetto neighbors and we will all be fine. Meg, you deal with the bum and we get the horrid neighbors!
I have lots of fun stuff planned, Venice Beach, Santa Barbara, shopping in Newport, the beach, Universal, all of that in only 6 days! Then a few weeks later for the long weekend Scott and I are driving up to SF for a quick stay and then a day in Yosemite. I am beyond exited for our little road trip. I absolutely love SF, I wish could live there. I will feel so at home when we are there....oooo and Blondie's pizza, I can't wait!!!

I have finally figured out my next step in this thing we call that I have quit my job, got married, moved away from my beloved SD and started to plan a wedding after saying "I do"...I want to....go back to school to get my Master's degree to be a family counselor. Simple, right?!

Of course not, but I'm completely pumped about it. I have found a few highly recommended schools around the area that I would love to attend. I will be spending the next few months applying to them and should know in the spring if I get the privilege of calling my self a college student again next fall (2010).

Each application has 2-3 different essays/personal statements I have to write. Since I haven't been in school since 2006 I am pretty sure that I am going to have about 20 drafts of each essay. Just thinking about going to Starbucks to write the essays that will potentially get me into college makes me giddy. Yes, I am one of those freaks who finds such inspiration and complete joy studying at Starbucks for hours at a time. In Riverside it was my second home!

What I am not looking forward to is living like a college student again...therefore, I will be spending the next 13 months saving for a wedding and paying off every little debit I have so I can fully enjoy college again! (I've been doing that for the last 5 months but now I have a goal besides the wedding) Don't be fooled, I am about 99% sure I will be working the first year, but the second year I will probably have to have my wonderful hubby cover all living costs as I will need to have internships. But hey if Luke and Tish win the Lotto they said they would share, so maybe that will happen for us!

Speaking of Luke and Tish, Tish is about push out that baby any day now. As much as the 29th works best for mommy, daddy, auntie, and uncle I think we are all aware that the little bundle of joy is coming much sooner than that...I am soooooooo excited, I wonder if maybe more so than L and T...hehe probably not, but my excitement is pretty high. Now Scott and I will have Em to play with and a newborn to ooooo and ahhhhh over whenever the baby urge strikes. It has been striking me a lot more as of late, but don't worry no baby shower in our near future...

I think it might be time for some popcorn and HGTV!!


megan said...

school will be exciting, congrats! and who doesn't love a noisy neighboy/sleeping man outside your building...

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