Friday, August 28, 2009

Staci's visit to Cali

We have all been waiting for months, since Christmas really, for Staci to come to California and visit Scott and I...and since we planned the trip Scott and I got married, so it was even more exciting for Scott's sister to see our place etc.

The trip was quite an adventure, for both Staci and us! We did lots of driving, the weather wasn't as great as we had hoped, but we still hit up many beaches in So Cal...but the end of the trip was even more exciting for us, as our friends Luke and Letitia had their baby...but that is my next blog! :)

I think my favorite day was on Friday when we went to Malibu for breakfast at Paradise Cove and ate right on the beach! It.was.GORGEOUS. then we went to Venice Beach, which is very reminiscent of San Francisco (my favorite city). Scott has been dying to go to Venice Beach for months, once we arrived he declared that this was his favorite beach ever! lol...maybe they don't have sidewalk vendors and graffiti walls in Michigan, hehe.


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