Tuesday, September 8, 2009

i left my heart in San Francisco

Scott and I finally took a Vacation by ourselves! Every trip we have been on has either been with friends or family. I guess this could also be considered a little "honeymoon".

The trip was amazing, a few funny snafu's (did you know SNAFU is an acronym for Situation Normal: All Fucked Up?!), but they just added to the memories...more on those later...

We left on Friday at a very decent hour and got into the city at about 9 pm, a little over 5 hours of driving, not bad! This allowed for time to go out and walk about the city for a bit and go get drinks, after changing of course! I swear, getting in and being able to go out for a few hours made the trip seem even longer than a 3 day weekend.

Saturday we got up early and headed to the Starbucks just steps out the door of our hotel. I am pretty sure that every hotel has a Starbucks within half a block of it. Walked around a much more quiet city than the night before. I love just walking down the streets and taking it all in. A quick shower back at the hotel and we were out for the day...and so begins the long journey of our Saturday!

A big part in getting up early was to be able to walk down to fisherman's wharf and go on a bike ride to the Golden Gate Bridge, ride over, and then bike into the city of Sausalito. Important to note: the company we did this through is Blazing Saddles. We get down to Pier 39 at F.W. at about 10 am and start to fill out the paperwork to rent these bikes. Scott is totally pumped about this, and me, well, I am definitely able to control my enthusiasm. It comes time to give a "deposit". Apparently they have to run an authorization of $500 just to ensure we bring the bikes back. Of course they cannot use our Navy federal debit check card...and of course Scott's credit card, the ONLY one we brought on the trip is sitting on the dresser of our hotel room!

I swear, he doesn't take it with us when we go any where because he is afraid that I might some how sneak into his back pocket, pull out the card and magically sneak into a Louis Vuitton store and have some fun.

This means we have to go all they way back to our hotel room, which is not a quick walk, and because it is a holiday weekend all the buses are so packed that getting on one is almost more annoying than actually walking. After mumbling a few colorful words under my breath and walking to the BART station we get back to our hotel much more quickly than we got to the Wharf. With CC in hand we head back down to rent these bikes, fun!

We get the bikes, I insist we get helmets (I swear I am turning into a worry wort), and we head out...except that we have no idea where we are going...this so called bike path is not very recognizable...once we find it, it is all up hill and half of it takes you on a detour and you ride in the streets with the cars!!! We finally get to some flat land on a clear bike path and hit the Golden Gate Bridge.

The city itself is having gorgeous weather, but the bridge has a huge section of fog over it and is about 20 degrees cooler. We bike on the west side of be bridge. I am not sure what was scarier, riding against the bridge traffic with a fence between us, OR riding next to all the crazy cyclists that are about 2 feet to your left going in the opposite direction of you at about the same speed as the traffic that is on your right!

We make it across the bridge and spend a few minutes looking for the continued bike path, but it does not exist. We are riding along next to the cars going down a 2 lane windy, down hill road! Have you met me before?! Because if you have you know 1. i have no coordination 2. i lack depth perception and 3. i fall A LOT just walking...needless to say I am scared out of my gourd!

As we get into the windy road that contains traffic as well as houses and driveways the ultimate SNAFU happens, Scott gets a flat tire!!! We walk our bikes to the ferry, lock it up, get lunch, and wait for an hour and a half for the ferry to arrive. Once we finally got on the ferry all we wanted to do was get rid of those bicycles!

The rest of the trip had no SNAFU's...Saturday night we had my FAVORITE pizza, Blondies...Sunday Scott was like a kid on Christmas day as we were going to Alcatraz. This kid watches every documentary on criminals. It was very cool to be on the 22 acre island that used to house the U.S.'s worst criminals. After we took the ferry back to SF we had clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl at Boudin's, oh.my.gosh, so good! Later, yet again more Blondies pizza...I had to get my fill of my favorite pizza!

Minus the bicycle adventure, which we laugh about every time we think about it. Now, whenever scott has an idea that I think is not so great I just have to tell him he is "pulling a blazing saddles". The trip was amazing, I had so much fun spending time with my best friend in my favorite city!


Chelsea Talks Smack said...

Glad you had a great vacation! and snafu?!?! I HAD NO IDEA WHAT IT STANDED FOR! AH! Awesome!

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