Sunday, September 20, 2009

i've got soul, but i'm not a soldier...

but my husband is...ok, he is a sailor, but ya know what i mean...

this past Friday, (9/18) Scott re-enlisted in the Navy for 6 more years. In October he will have 7 years under his belt. Dang, I don't think I have committed to anything for that long.

The ceremony wasn't anything big, but it was awesome nonetheless. My mom was able to come up from San Diego (by way of Guam!). Her and my dad gave Scott a bible as gift. My dad has a tradition of taking his oath with his hand on the Bible and then having the re-enlisting officer sign in the back next to the date. Scott has started and will continue this tradition. (he has been in for almost 7 years, but, this his first time actually re-enlisting!) In doing this it allowed me to be a part of the ceremony as well, as I was the one that held the Bible between him and the re-enlisting officer.


The officer that did the ceremony did an amazing job. He does not work directly with Scott and therefore does not know a lot of Scott's background. Scott never gave him any information, but when it came time to discuss Scott's Navy career this guy was on point! He knew almost every detail about Scott's Navy career: the day he enlisted, all the schooling he has done, all his commands, his deployments, his achievements etc. Hearing all of this made me so proud of him.

They also gave me an award for all of my support etc. It was pretty cool to be acknowledged for the sacrifices I make. Scott also got my mom and I roses, which was really sweet and totally unexpected. Afterwards we had a BBQ and cake and ice cream.

Later in the day the 3 of us went to walk around in downtown Ventura to have coffee at this cute cafe Scott and I love, called Palermo. We then walked around a few antique shops, which is where I found my vintage Fendi jacket for $15 (I bargained it down to 15 from 18!)


Lisa said...

That's so amazing! You must be so proud of him. :) What a commitment!

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