Monday, September 14, 2009

Music, my connection to the holy spirit…

Most of you may not know, but music touches my soul, and is a huge part of my life. You can be sure that on any given day I hear a song that washes over me. It is often times just a small part of the song, but the lyrics I connect with hit me right in the heart. Funnily enough, I do not have a musical bone in my body…I can’t carry a tune in a bucket!

I know that my connection with the Holy Spirit is through music. Not just any music, but the more contemporary Christian music. For example, I feel connected to God when I am singing this song:

I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever
Over the mountains and the sea,
Your river runs with love for me,
and I will open up my heart and
let the Healer set me free.
I'm happy to be in the truth,
and I will daily lift my hands:
for I will always sing of when
Your love came down. [Yeah!]
I could sing of Your love forever,
I could sing of Your love forever,
I could sing of Your love forever,
I could sing of Your love forever.
Oh, I feel like dancing -
it's foolishness I know;
but, when the world has seen the light,
they will dance with joy,
like we're dancing now.

I realized many years ago that while I do pay attention to the sermon and always walk away with at least a small amount of knowledge to help my walk with the Lord strengthen, nothing compares to singing.

This became glaringly apparent once I started attending church at a church that Scott grew up going to. It is a very traditional Wisconsin Synod Lutheran Church, and when I say traditional in my heart I say “old school”. We sing out of a hymnal that has hymns written in the 1800’s (I was sure to check at the bottom of the pages, and that seems to be the time frame) the only musical instrument played is the organ, and only about 15% of the entire congregation sings!

I’ve tried to figure out how to express my thoughts about this without sounding rude but that doesn’t seem possible. Please understand I mean no disrespect, but this is something that has been weighing on my heart for some time. I don’t know why but I am completely turned off by the sound of the organ, it sounds stuffy and pretentious to me. I love the piano, the guitar, the violin (my favorite when combined with a more upbeat song) anything but the organ!

This is an issue that I have been working through for about 5 months; Scott and I have ignored, argued, and finally discussed the issue. Did we come to a conclusion, well, yes and no. We decided that the pastor at this church is good for us, and he is going to do our wedding ceremony next year. So, for our time in California, or at least until our wedding we will continue at this church. I have also expressed my concern that when we have children I want them to attend a church that is not focused on traditions and does not do things solely based on what has been done for the last 50 years. I want them to be exposed to and grow up in a church where the congregation is excited to worship the lord and is able to show this excitement through their singing. I am sure Scott and I will have many more discussions on this and I am sure I will also confide in my dad many more times for advice, but I know that the Lord will lead us to where we need to be. I just need to have faith and be patient.

This might be one of the few issues that Scott and I will struggle with…sigh


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