Wednesday, September 23, 2009

needles make me wanna pass out...

today I went to the doctor to have a plethora of things checked out...I left with new birth control, a referral to see a dermatologist for an irregular mole, and i also left missing something.

I have had this little bump on my left leg for a few years, and recently it became very sensitive and if i accidentally hit it while shaving my leg it would hurt like a mother father because the bump would be sliced off and bleed and then grow back. Initially, I thought it was a wart, but after trying those medicated band aids and not seeing a slight change after about 6 weeks I decided it was time to see the Doctor.

The doctor gave me a few options and the best option for it to be off my leg was to have it cut out and sent for a biopsy to make sure it isn't skin cancer. Had I known this little bump would be removed the same day as the visit i would have had my husband accompany me.

So a corpsman (basically an enlisted guy who helps out in various aspects of the hospital) came in and started to set up shop. (Thank god this guy was good and knew his ish) If you know me, you KNOW i HATE needles, and I am always sure to make this clear so no doctor/nurse/corpsman freaks out if i start freaking out. I hate needles, yet I always have to watch what is going on. I see this looooooooooong ass skinny needle go into my leg, and my oh my the beginning of injecting the anesthesia hurt like a mother! Within moments I could no longer feel the needle or what was going on down on my little leg. I did however feel like I was going to pass-the-heck-out. I felt like i wanted to puke, pass out, and became very sweaty all in a matter of 45 seconds. My oh my, I also felt like I was on drugs and proceeded to tell the corpsman that. I couldn't see myself but i imagine i was a nice pale shade of white, probably similar to the wedding dresses I am going to try on this weekend. While the anesthesia made me feel like I was going to take an unplanned nap it also did its job and I didn't feel a thing! They pretty much used this little tool, like a very small apple corer and pulled that sucker out and then put a stitch in it so the skin would heal together nicely.

All in all, not too bad, but it might be a good idea to have my husband attend doctor's appointments since I have a history and tendency to pass out from needles and procedures similar to my latest and greatest.

Now, on to my current rant, my closet. My husband is driving me up the freakin wall with the clothes and bedroom. I admit that I am not nearly as clean as he is. Is the house a pig sty (is that the correct way to spell it?)? no. Do we have bugs? no. Does our house smell? no. Would someone come over and thing that we live like bums? God no. The bottom line is I am not as squared away as he seems to be....notice how i say seems....while I won't go into details on my opinion of him throwing stones when he lives in a glass house, I will, however, discuss the need for a bigger closet.

A bigger closet, I am sure EVERY girl wants/needs that, and the reality of it is, we cannot get a bigger closet unless we move out and move into a place that I would imagine that costs more to get a bigger closet because the fact of the matter is i have a closet that is the entire length of one of our bedroom walls! (world's longest sentence) And, it is only filled with my belongings, Scott has a completely different closet! I hate just throwing things into my closet, or anywhere. I also hate hanging my clothes when I have to jam them into a sardine can of a closet...ok, ok it isn't a sardine can, but if you saw my shoe collection, my purse collection, my hoodie collection and the whole half of the closet that has all of my business suits hanging, you too would thing it is a sardine can!

tomorrow I will take before pictures, buy the goods and post the progress...

what are you ranting and raving about this week?


megan said...

i'd die if i went to the doctor and they ended up cutting out of my leg! my rant and rave is i have no job!

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