Thursday, September 24, 2009

operation: organize closet: the before

Yesterday I discussed the issue of my idea of clean versus my husbands idea of clean...while those definitions may differ I have to organize my closet. My husband is kind enough to not turn on the light in the morning when he gets up at 5 am, so in return I need to get my closet organized so it can actually fit all of my belongings and not spill out on to the floor and cause him to trip in the dark in the wee hours of the morning.

Today I went to the Navy Exchange, gotta love the savings and no tax....I picked up 4 items for $38 dollars...this should really make a difference

  1. another hanging shoe organizer
  2. a box of space vacuum bags

  3. an under the bed storage container (to hold the items i have sucked up in the vacuum bag)

  4. a double hanging closet rod

I can't wait...I loooooooooooooove to organize things...

Here are the before pictures...tomorrow I should have the organizing finished and be able to post the afters...


Cake Face said...

This blog makes me feel very inadequate Jenelle. My closet looks like shit and there isn't a single part of me that feels like tackling it. LOL. I know I should follow your footsteps, but I figure... I'll just keep closing the door and buying more plastic bins to hide things in.

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