Saturday, October 31, 2009

pumpkin carving

Since I knew we wouldn't have any pictures of fun costumes and Halloween parties I saved the pictures of us carving pumpkins for the day after Halloween.

Lots of fun, and we had tons of seeds to bake in the good!

4 years and counting...

wow, I can't believe that is was 4 years ago tonight that Scott and I went on our first date...a mere 3 days after we met...where did we meet you ask? Oh you know...a bar...the original online dating way of meeting a mate. Hey, don't knock best friend met her soon to be husband at a bar too, down the street from the bar where I met Scott...he's from Michigan too...bars are good places to meet husbands...not guys who are currently husbands, but ya know, potential husbands...

yesterday Scott and I experienced our first Friday off/non-work day. I was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! When you have to wake up at 5:45 am for work sleeping in until 7:30am feels great. We got up showered and got our butt to Starbucks, the first Starbucks trip of the day...I think we might be addicts. After we had caffeine flowing through our blood stream we headed up to a little town called was kind of a bust. It was a very cute town and I would loooooooooooove to own a house up there, but, the little downtown strip was not what we thought it was going to be. After a quick stroll we got back in the car and headed to a winery that was on the way up to Santa Barbara.

The winery was beyond cute, just a little place where they have the most amazing wine. I sampled about 7 wines. Scott got a little tiny sip of each as well but since he was driving we didn't want to have him get full samples...Every wine I tasted was delicious...either my palette is loving wine more or they just had some pretty awesome wines. We also got to taste a wine that was being hadn't been distilled yet, so it was just the juice, holy smokes was it tasty! We left with a bottle of wine and headed North to a place that will always have a spot in my heart, Santa Barbara...

We stopped at Santa Barbara Winery, instead of wine tasting we just bought a bottle of pinot noir (which we drank last night, it was fantastic!) and a uber cute wooden wine box to add to our wine themed kitchen and dining room...a

After the purchasing our goods we headed down to State street, which is downtown SB where all the cute shops and restaurants are. When I went to school at UCSB I worked at the Barnes and Noble downtown so it was a lot of fun to be back at my old stomping grounds. We found a great place to eat sushi. Every place in Ventura seems to be a bust and stupidly ridiculously priced. This place was a little expensive compared to some of the places we love in San Diego, but the quality was work it, so good! After lunch we walked around a bunch of shops and had our second and final starbucks of the gave us that extra umph we needed to do a bit more shopping, find my sister a birthday present, find the rest of my bridesmaid dresses and try and get some Christmas ideas for everyone.

We ended the day in SB with oh my how I love thee Pinkberry...the best frozen yogurt...I had passionfruit and pomegranate with strawberries, raspberries and pomegranate sauce on top, to die for!

Laverne & Shirley

This year I dressed up for Halloween..for work...I absolutely love the costume, it cost me about $5...$4 for ribbon and safety pins and $1 for the scarf..a thrift store find...more on that later, I promise!

Here are Edith and I as Laverne and Shirley...

p.s. don't you love the purple/eggplant wall in our office?!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wine, pedicures and cocktail dresses, oh my!

This past weekend my BFF’s were finally able to come up to Ventura from SD to see our place. Six months, I know, crazy! We had such a good time. We have seen each other a lot in the past month or so. Well Kate and Kara see each other all the time since they are sisters and both live in SD. Together we are the three amigas. You would throw us in a room with nothing and we could entertain ourselves for hours. Throw us in that same room with a camera and wine and we could entertain ourselves for days!!

They arrived pretty late on Friday night so we sat around, drank wine and talked for about 4 hours, yes, 4 hours…we were pretty exhausted come 2 am. We got an early start on Saturday and were out the door at about 9 am for pedicures and a day of shopping at the outlet malls. We spent approximately 6 hours shopping our little hearts out. I can proudly say that I did not spend nearly as much as I might have just a year ago. I tried on plenty’o’items and I swear to you this phrase came out of my mouth 9 out of 10 times…”this is cute, but not for the price…maybe if it was 15 dollars”…and, of the few items I did buy, one is going back, a dark denim jean skirt from BR. It looked cute at the store..but once I tried it on at home with my own items it was not as great as I had hoped. Plus with my new found thrift store on base, I could get about 10 times for the price of the skirt…but that is for my next blog posting…

The most amazing purchases we found were Kate and Kara’s bridesmaid dresses…towards the end of our adventure we happened to walk by BCBG and thought what the hay, let’s just pop and see…plus Kate still needed to find a fun dress for her upcoming tropical vacation. Of course we see a bunch of sale racks and head straight towards them…remember folks we are in a recession (I don’t care what the government says, I think I might live the rest of my life thinking we are in a recession). I find the most amazingtodieforhotmamablowyourmind 3 tiered black dress…I am going BANANAS for it…thinking; this thing has got to be well over $100 dollars, even on sale. I mean, geez, it is BCBG and the quality of the fabric is top notch. I slowly pull the tag out and guess what, $49!!!! Yes, a $260 dress marked down to $49…it was destiny, it meant to be mine for Scott’s work Christmas party. Ok, now that we got that little piece out of the way we can focus on an even better find. As I am absolutely dying over this dress Kara says “hey, we should try on these black dresses over here, maybe we could use them as your bridesmaid dresses”…I am so focused on my mostamazingoverthetopbeyondaffordable party dress it takes me a minute to realize what she is saying. Once I come to we find the most amazingly cute yet sassy yet sophisticated black dresses…but what are the chances that these dresses are on super sale too…I mean $49 for a high quality bridesmaid dress is just too much to ask for…well guess what…

The dresses were only $39!!!! The fabric is about 1,000,000,000 times better than any of the bridal shops dresses. They tried those bad boys on and they fit perfectly. I fell in love. I then had a quick panic attack because, duh, there are 4 people in my wedding party, not 2…but then Kara, Kate and I came up with a great idea…the two of them are going to be in the middle and Ashlee, my maid of honour will be up front and Abby (assuming that Scott will ever ask her..Abby if you are reading this, I’ve been telling Scott to ask you for months to be in our wedding party…) will be at the end, so the two of them can having matching dresses and all is well in the bridal party world. Now I just need to find two more amazing dresses and they girls are semi complete…shoes and jewelry are a whole different subject…

We then went back home and spent a few hours looking at my old photo albums of us in high school and college…man alive we were laughing for about an hour straight. After getting ready and walking down the street to a Mexican restaurant for dinner Scott was kind enough to drive us around town to go to a bar…only to realize we were not in the mood to be in a bar setting, and just about when Scott got home he so kindly and lovingly came right back and picked us up so we could tuck ourselves into bed…

All in all a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Last weekend Scott and I were on a mission to find some good furniture deals at the thrift stores...the hunt was a bust...we did, however, find the most amazing antique/used furniture store. It is a bit price but everything is gorgeous and real wood, not particle board or plastic. We have an idea of a few pieces we want and hopefully in a few months with me now getting a pay check we will be able to start buying some of our dream items. I mean really, $300-$500 dollars for an amazing dresser that can also be a buffet in a dining room, that is a no brainer. I think I spent over $200 for my TV stand from Ikea.

We also went to a little pumpkin patch down the road from our house to pick out some pumpkins. I love seeing little kids getting so excited around the holidays and the pumpkin patch was full of kids that were beyond excited.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

the first day...

The first day of work went quite well. I checked in with a few people and then they left me to my own devices for the day. How wonderful is that! Not even on the first day did I have 10 people over my shoulder micro managing me or insisting that I follow their every move. No more being some one's assistant! wahoooooooooooooo!

Scott was still passed out in bed when I left for work so I didn't get a picture going into my first day of work, but we did snap one or two when I arrived home. (Yes, Scott was still sleeping because my first day of work was his day off, how lucky for him!)

I went shopping a little over a week ago for work clothes. My closet had tons, and by tons i mean at least 15 suits, but seeing that I am not working at a conservative stuffy corporation the suits are over kill. Many of the pants I love, and the jackets are cute as a separate article of clothing but wearing them together at my new job would have make me look stuffy, and we don't want that. And, because I ALWAYS had to wear a jacket at my last job, regardless of if it was 100 degrees outside, my tops are either a little skimpy, as I needed them to be as thin as possible to wear under a jacket or were just plain BORING! Therefore, I needed a few tops and dresses to make my current work wardrobe work...the solution...KOHL'S!!! (and well I also walked out with 2 pairs of shoes, but hey, a girl can NEVER have too many shoes) The top in the pics above is from Kohl's, I absolutely LOVE it. You will see in another posting very soon that I wore it again, hehe. I am loving the wide variety of clothing that I am able to wear at work, so much in fact that I might just start snapping a few pics of my outfits and post how damn cute they are...what? In my dream world I would work for a fashion magazine and get paid to wear clothes...until then I will shop for a bargain and feel like i won a championship every time I find an amazingoverthetoptodiefor deal!

I also took the liberty of snapping a few "before" office the coming weeks I will be working on re-decorating my space....not myspace, but my office space...hehe...

Saturday, October 17, 2009

last day of domestication

this gal here inspired me to make pumpkin cookies, so, yesterday, after my morning craft marathon I made pumpkin sugar cookies....from scratch! I did however cheat on the icing, I used vanilla cake frosting and added food coloring.

Yesterday was my last day of freedom, I think I spent it well. I went grocery shopping, cleaned the house, had lunch with Scott, decorated the house for fall, baked cookies, and watched 5 episodes of tori and dean: Inn Love.

Tomorrow pictures of me on my first day of work! and the office before pics...

until then, because I know you all (all 12 of you that read this) can't wait, enjoy these yummy cookies...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

fall in love with FALL...

While today was 75 degrees and sunny the last two days were cold and rainy.


It really allowed me to feel like Fall was here. I know what you are thinking, you live in Southern California, isn't it always sunny?! Not so much, this summer was actually overcast most of the time. I'd say about 2/3rd of the summer was not beach worthy weather. Also, up here in Ventura the weather is a bit different than in San Diego, therefore, we get a bit cooler weather and it is windy a lot in the Fall and Winter. (I know that we don't get any snow for the winter, but hey I have to make due with what we have, I would love to have more of the 4 seasons.)

Yesterday, before my dermatologist appointment I decided to go to Michael's to get some Fall decorations as well as scope out the Christmas decor. I am beyond excited to go back and get Christmas decorations as Christmas is my FAVORITE holiday. To tide me over I bought a few key Fall/Thanksgiving decorations that we will be able to use year after year.

Here are the supplies/before pictures:

And here is how I used all those wonderful pieces:

coming soon...pumpkin cookies...

p.s. thanks to my pumpkin candles it also smells wonderful in our you think I used the word wonderful too much?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

damn i have a lot of shoes...

The closet is finally fully organized!

I know, I know, it only took me about 2 weeks to get it done. I had all the items put together and in the closet the day I bought them, but it took me some time to figure out if I liked where all my clothes were or if I wanted to change the layout.

I know I have said this a thousand times but one day I will have an entire 15x15 ft room solely for my shoes, clothes and accessories.

I am not sure if you can really see a big difference from the pictures, but I definitely can see a difference when I am getting dressed in the morning or when I am putting clothes away.

I think I need to add some type of shelving above the top shelf, there is so much unused space.

Once I get a paycheck I am going to organize my desk space in the dining room. Scott will love the idea so much! Heck, he might even tell me to take his credit card and go get the supplies asap! ha

p.s. My cousin Jamie and her husband Cornell are expecting their first baby! The little one is due April 15th, my birthday! Keep them in your prayers

Monday, October 12, 2009

have you seen a joshua tree?

I looooooooooooove 3 day weekends...and when I start my job at the end of the week I will enjoy 3 day weekends twice a month...minimum! woohooo

We spent out Columbus day weekend camping in Joshua Tree National Park. We met up with my besties from SD and a few other friends. Yup, that means i got to see my BFF's two weekends in a row...and they will be up in Ventura in 2 weeks to finally see our place! woohooo, again

a Joshua tree

We normally go camping on a normal weekend so leaving Friday after work is a must, which means sitting through rush hour traffic...or in our case all night traffic when dealing with LA. But, because it was a three day weekend and Scott had a long week with work and school we left bright an early Saturday morning. We hit traffic only once, and that was because there was an accident and we only got held up about 15 minutes because of it.

Once we unpacked and set up shop we got right into the heart of camping...sitting around reading trashing magazines, having a drink or two, and talking incessantly...what, that isn't what you do when you go camping?!

Just before sunset Kara, John, Scott and I went on a climb (note: when I say climb i do not mean actual rock climbing with rope, you couldn't pay me to do that...I mean literally climbing up on the rocks) was an absolutely gorgeous view, and the actual climb to get to the top was a little challenging which made it fun. Seeing these amazing rocks and such a blue sky made me feel like we had driven much further than 170 miles from our home in the city. During the first climb Kara told us about a metal door they found in a rock the last time they were in JT. The legend behind the door is that before the land was turned into a national park (in the early 1990's) it belonged to a rancher. Supposedly he had a son that was in a wheel chair, they were embarrassed/ashamed of this so they would lock him up in this hollowed out rock and close this door and lock it from the outside. Kara said they could not find anything about this on the Internet but the idea of the story is so crazy that I had to share.

The metal door in a rock

Sunday was filled with lots of good food, more reading and sqwaking, walking, hiking, climbing, and just taking in the beautiful scenery. I think the pictures below will really speak to you about how awesome the trip was. I especially love the shadow pictures we took...we have too much fun together! :)

I love Joshua Tree a little bit more after this camping trip, it was a perfect mix of ingredients, friends, food, weather, and time.

I wish that I could have taken a picture of the sky when we were sitting around the campfire. I have never, EVER, seen so many stars in the sky, it looked like someone took a paintbrush full of white paint and just splattered the hell out of a black piece of paper. It was beyond amazing.

On Sunday, before sunset John, Kara, Kate, Scott and I went on another climb through hidden valley. After a few climbs the girls went back to the campsite and John and Scott trekked on. When they got back Scott could not stop talking about how amazing the view was from the top. In fact, he was still talking about it this morning as we were driving out of the park. He said they were up so high you could see the park for miles and miles. God's creations are so amazing.


we are spelling out Jtree...for joshua tree :)

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