Thursday, October 15, 2009

fall in love with FALL...

While today was 75 degrees and sunny the last two days were cold and rainy.


It really allowed me to feel like Fall was here. I know what you are thinking, you live in Southern California, isn't it always sunny?! Not so much, this summer was actually overcast most of the time. I'd say about 2/3rd of the summer was not beach worthy weather. Also, up here in Ventura the weather is a bit different than in San Diego, therefore, we get a bit cooler weather and it is windy a lot in the Fall and Winter. (I know that we don't get any snow for the winter, but hey I have to make due with what we have, I would love to have more of the 4 seasons.)

Yesterday, before my dermatologist appointment I decided to go to Michael's to get some Fall decorations as well as scope out the Christmas decor. I am beyond excited to go back and get Christmas decorations as Christmas is my FAVORITE holiday. To tide me over I bought a few key Fall/Thanksgiving decorations that we will be able to use year after year.

Here are the supplies/before pictures:

And here is how I used all those wonderful pieces:

coming soon...pumpkin cookies...

p.s. thanks to my pumpkin candles it also smells wonderful in our you think I used the word wonderful too much?


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