Monday, October 12, 2009

have you seen a joshua tree?

I looooooooooooove 3 day weekends...and when I start my job at the end of the week I will enjoy 3 day weekends twice a month...minimum! woohooo

We spent out Columbus day weekend camping in Joshua Tree National Park. We met up with my besties from SD and a few other friends. Yup, that means i got to see my BFF's two weekends in a row...and they will be up in Ventura in 2 weeks to finally see our place! woohooo, again

a Joshua tree

We normally go camping on a normal weekend so leaving Friday after work is a must, which means sitting through rush hour traffic...or in our case all night traffic when dealing with LA. But, because it was a three day weekend and Scott had a long week with work and school we left bright an early Saturday morning. We hit traffic only once, and that was because there was an accident and we only got held up about 15 minutes because of it.

Once we unpacked and set up shop we got right into the heart of camping...sitting around reading trashing magazines, having a drink or two, and talking incessantly...what, that isn't what you do when you go camping?!

Just before sunset Kara, John, Scott and I went on a climb (note: when I say climb i do not mean actual rock climbing with rope, you couldn't pay me to do that...I mean literally climbing up on the rocks) was an absolutely gorgeous view, and the actual climb to get to the top was a little challenging which made it fun. Seeing these amazing rocks and such a blue sky made me feel like we had driven much further than 170 miles from our home in the city. During the first climb Kara told us about a metal door they found in a rock the last time they were in JT. The legend behind the door is that before the land was turned into a national park (in the early 1990's) it belonged to a rancher. Supposedly he had a son that was in a wheel chair, they were embarrassed/ashamed of this so they would lock him up in this hollowed out rock and close this door and lock it from the outside. Kara said they could not find anything about this on the Internet but the idea of the story is so crazy that I had to share.

The metal door in a rock

Sunday was filled with lots of good food, more reading and sqwaking, walking, hiking, climbing, and just taking in the beautiful scenery. I think the pictures below will really speak to you about how awesome the trip was. I especially love the shadow pictures we took...we have too much fun together! :)

I love Joshua Tree a little bit more after this camping trip, it was a perfect mix of ingredients, friends, food, weather, and time.

I wish that I could have taken a picture of the sky when we were sitting around the campfire. I have never, EVER, seen so many stars in the sky, it looked like someone took a paintbrush full of white paint and just splattered the hell out of a black piece of paper. It was beyond amazing.

On Sunday, before sunset John, Kara, Kate, Scott and I went on another climb through hidden valley. After a few climbs the girls went back to the campsite and John and Scott trekked on. When they got back Scott could not stop talking about how amazing the view was from the top. In fact, he was still talking about it this morning as we were driving out of the park. He said they were up so high you could see the park for miles and miles. God's creations are so amazing.


we are spelling out Jtree...for joshua tree :)


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