Friday, October 2, 2009

reality tv...

The Hills and The City premiered this week, I am an addict, to say the least.

We watched both while in the comfort of our own bed. (I watched and Scott half watched half tried to go to bed). The first episode of The Hills was pretty OOC, and I took some notes to be sure to remember what I wanted to touch on. (Scott thought I was crazy!)
A few points on The Hills:
  • When did Lo, Audrina, and Stephanie become BFF's? Oh ya, when Lauren, their common link left. I guess you will become BFF's with anyone to get a paycheck!
  • I thought Kristen gave an interview a while back saying that she wasn't going to be a part of reality TV anymore, she was doing movies etc...

  • Why do these LA girls thing Justin Bobby is bangin?! ewwww gross
  • If you are having issues with your marriage, take a look at Heidi and Spencer, you've got to have started your marriage on a better foundation than they did, therefore you should be able to work it out!
  • Why was Spencer wearing a cowboy hat and cowboy boots to look for a house?

Don't they look so happy to be hangin' out together?!

A few points on The City:

  • I love Whitney!

  • Did you see Olivia give attitude and talk back to Erin. OMG!!!! That girl really has a not lot of nerve and thinks that her socialite status allows her to do or say whatever she wants. It looks like later in the season everyone at Elle might begin to see she really hasn't a clue about a lot of things related to having a job.

  • Roxy, is going to be D-R-A-M-A! I loooove (note the sarcasm) how she trashed talked Whitney to Kelly, while Kelly really seems to be pulling for Whitney and supporting all of her dreams.

  • Conclusion: I think I am going to love The City this season more than The Hills

What is up with Jon putting the divorce on hold, especially after TLC is saying the show will be "Kate + 8"...this guys had a 30 year life crisis. As much as he tired to say that Kate was so controlling and verbally abused him, he will always be known as the bad guy because he freakin' lost his mind and went girl crazy, with barely legal girls at that. I've always loved Kate, and as Jon continues to be a lunatic I love Kate even more.

The Rachel Zoe Project, omg, I DIE! I think that might be my favorite current reality tv show. Scott has become addicted as well. He knows them all by name, and looooooves Brad. He wants Brad to have his own show. I wish that I could work for Rachel Zoe, with Taylor and Brad.

Speaking of work, I have wonderful news on that...stay tuned for my next post...the closet reorganization is pretty much done, but I have to do a few more final touches and pics will be up. It really looks completely different and I only spent $40 dollars on supplies. I love it!


Cake Face said...

Do you know how bitter this blog makes me? I don't have cable. I have to run to my parents house and beg for the remote in order to watch the Atlanta Housewives. LOL.

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