Friday, November 13, 2009

Fashion is my life…

Ok, so maybe not all of my life, but is a pretty big part of it. I love everything that has to do with fashion. In my fantasy world Scott would work on the East Coast and I would have a job in NYC with a fashion magazine. Who knows what the future holds so maybe it really could happen! Clothes, shoes, accessories, fashion magazines, runway shoes, designers, I love it all. I read fashion magazines like the Bible. Ok, so I actually read them more than the Bible, but Scott and I are working on that. I am always thinking in the back of my mind what to wear to work, church, dinner, night out with friends, thanksgiving dinner etc. I love pairing clothing pieces in my head and then going home and actually trying them on and seeing if the vision in my head translates to real life.

I am loving my finds at the thrift store. I get such a thrill out of going in on Monday or Wednesday (they are only open twice a week) and seeing what amazing deals I can find. Last week I didn’t find any clothing but I did find the most amazing retro leather black purse by DKNY, for $2.50! Another bonus is I have revived a lot of clothing in my closet that I haven’t worn in a loooooooooooooong time. My most recent clothing thrift store buy is a leather/vintage-y clutch that I spent a whole $1.75 on!

During our Veteran’s day used shopping day extravaganza we went to the most amazing consignment store, “one mo’time”, the husbands owner works with Scott and has been telling he we or I need to go check it out. AMAZING store! And the owner and her daughter as well as the women working there are awesome. To say that this stuff is used is kind of a lie, it looks brand spanking new! Some items could be deemed a little pricey, but there are tons of items that are a down right steal…here are my purchases:

•Tan Ugg boots, never worn! $49!!! I’ve been eyeing these literally for years, and at that price I would be kicking myself has I not gotten them! (they are a little big, but I will take a tad bit too big over paying almost 3x that price!!)

•Cream beaded The Limited Cardigan, $24!!! I can tell you for a fact from my past employment history with The Limited and my love for their clothes that sweater was easily $69 or $79 in the store. The beading of pearls (not real, but who cares) is over the top and the sweater looks like it was never worn, score for me!

•Grey shawl type sweater, Khols brand, $6

•Black beaded dressy top, $5

I got all of those for less than what the Uggs would have been full price, and did I mention the soles of the Uggs did not have a scratch or mark on them!! I am wearing them as I type this, oh so warm and fuzzy…

One of my $3 black dresses, and the $2.50 purse!

Here is another $3 dress....

Here is the sweater, black top and clutch...grand total for the 3 items $30.75! I am pretty sure I am going to pair the clutch and and sweater with the awesome black dress I bought for Scott's Christmas party!


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