Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A little home re-decorating

this should have been posted Monday but I've been busy and exhausted when I get home from work...

Scott and a friend of his from work picked up our new furniture on Friday afternoon. This was after Scott spent the morning working on his paper and then working on my car. The car is not yet fixed, and by fixed I mean the check engine light has not gone away, therefore I am still not driving it. We have to take it in on Thursday to have it looked at and hopefully the fix that is needed will get done asap and not cost more than the $200 we have allocated. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming, our new furniture!

After trying every possible configuration in our dining room for the two pieces we realized that the space is not big enough to house both items. Thus, we had to move my trusty papazon chair to the garage to make room for the lawyer bookcase in the living room. While in the midst of rearranging I was also attempting my hand a making a quiche, and my girlfriend Liz called me. We haven’t spoken in months (not like we were on bad terms, life just gets busy, ya know?) so we ended up chatting for about an hour…just enough time for Scott to figure out the perfect layout for the cabinet in the dining room. The cabinet in the dining room is our official wine bar area. We are going to get one of those racks that you hang from the ceiling and they hold your wine glasses. For now the glasses are stored on the little bookshelf in the dining room. Our house is really starting to look like a home, and now that our horrid neighbors moved out and our new neighbors work with Scott we should be in this little apartment for the next two years. As much as I love our little place I am already creating a list of non-negotiable items we must have in our next place. More on that in another blog.

Next weekend we are decorating the house for Christmas, I can’t wait!


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