Monday, November 30, 2009

my first bloggy award!

Kelly, over at Keeping up with Kelly and Co. gave me this oh so cute award!

Her blog is so sweet and awesome! She makes the most amazing baked goods. I cannot wait until my parents move to the twin cities in Minnesota, so I have an excuse to have her make me some of her amazing cookies! She also has the funniest stories and I always get a such a kick out of reading about her adventures.

I am going to pass this along to a few people who's blogs I absolutely LOVE to read. Kelly, if the award didn't come from you I'd pass the award on to you as well :) I would list more people but I think a lot of the blogs I stalk...errrr follow, don't read mine, ha


Kelly said...

Thanks for the compliments :-) I would loove to decorate some cookies for you sometime, haha!

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