Sunday, November 22, 2009

the oc whoa!

these ladies shocked me even more this past Thursday than they did when i was catching up on the first 2 episodes of the season!

Jeana left the show and I think that is the best decision she could ever make! The drama and the back stabbing was getting to be WAY to much.

The new housewife, she is going to give Tamra a run for her money (or lack there of, haha, funny me!). Tamra was already admitting more than once in the first episode with Alexis in it that she was jealous of Alexis! Really tho?!?! Tamra seems to have a problem with every new housewife the show has. I think if you are younger than her you better watch out because she is going to cause DRAMA with you. Has anyone else noticed that her face is looking a little funky? I know, I know, that is not the nicest thing to say but if you are putting your entire life on TV then you better be able to be criticized. It looks like she has had some bad botox or something.

How about Gretchen and Slade dating, weird! I know Jeff died a year ago and so she has to move on at some point, but with Slade? Did anyone else think that Slade was trying to channel Dean McDermott, as in Tori Spelling's husband, with his beard and slicked back hair?! (for the record Dean is a hottie and Slade seem a bit too metro for me!) Also, what is all this about Slade being broke. Remember in the beginning when he had the house, drove a hummer, and bought Jo a Mercedes. Now he is broke?! Perhaps all these OC folks need a lesson in personal finances. And the tanning party...Gretchen is discussing how her and Slade are really going to have to watch their spending and in the same episode has a tanning party. My lord, if they all tanned any more they could make some extra cash being an umpa lumpa in the next Willy Wonka movie! How about also discussing marriage with Slade when Jeff died a year ago. It is one thing to move on but another thing to be engaged and married!

The new housewife is pretty smokin, but being a stay at home mom and needing not 1 but 2 nannies?! Holy gumbo that is a bit extreme if you ask me. And when they went to Tamra's for a bbq they needed to bring one of the two nannies. wtf?!

The lingerie party was a bit ridiculous, I mean who goes and tries on that stuff for all their "friends" and by friends I mean all the people they talk crap about and then pretend to like. Last time I checked lingerie was for your husband or your significant other, not for all the world to watch via BravoTv.

It is beyond obvious that Tamra and Simon are having some issues. Simon needs to get the chip off his shoulder, get over his tequila business and stop thinking that he is perfect and knows it all! That guy, in the words of Kelly, is a douchenozzle!

Did anyone catch what Vickie said to Alexis when they met at the La Perla party? she said some thing along the lines of "welcome to my world". I took that to mean this all about her. She also made it clear that she is the only one of the women at the party that have a job! ouch!

These season is opening up to be full of drama, and like Jen so perfectly commented on my last posting, this show is like a train wreck but you can't stop watching!

needless to say I can't wait for the next episode!


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