Friday, November 20, 2009

our next home...

I know it isn’t going to happen any time soon, but hey a girl can already get her list ready, a list of what must be in our next home. Not in any particular order…

1. A washer and dryer: No more having to stop at three different places on a Sunday to get quarters to do laundry.

2. A 3rd bedroom: I need my own room for all my stuff, thus it won’t be all over the rest of the house, and therefore my husband will be much happier.

3. More counter space in the kitchen. It is hard to bake or make anything from scratch when you only have about a foot and a half of counter space. (The rest is holding things like the toaster over, coffee pot, utensils, etc).

4. A patio or yard: If I want to sit outside and talk on the phone or chat with my hubby we have to do it on the front stoop, where everyone in the neighborhood can see and hear us.

5. A 2nd bathroom or a larger bathroom: I won’t be too demanding, I will settle for a much larger bathroom or one of those that have the shower and toilet separate from the sink and vanity area.

That is my list, 5 simple requests….right?!

p.s. the last post I did was my 50th post...whoa baby...


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