Thursday, November 19, 2009

The real housewives of OC…

Are really broke! This show used to be one of my favorite reality TV shows. (I am addicted, I know!) Last night I was catching myself up on the first 2 episodes and was horrified by the way in which these women were acting. Part of why I USED to love this show and these women was because most of them seemed to realize that they needed to work and contribute to their family to continue and maintain their lavish lifestyle.

The opening of this season shows that these women and their families have been affected by the current economic crisis. Tamara says that she wishes she would have known 2 years ago that they would be in this situation because she would have done things differently. Does that mean she would have continued to work? She wouldn’t have spent loads of money on overly prices luxury items? Or maybe she meant that her husband wouldn’t have quit his job in sales at Mercedes-Benz to start a tequila business? A tequila business?! Really?! I mean it would be one thing if you were retiring, had your home paid off, money set aside for the kids for college and a good investment portfolio to continue living your lifestyle, but really to just up and quit to start making tequila, that is just plain and simple stupid. That is right, I said it, STUPID! Tamara also admitted that they are upside down on their OC home, yup, they, like many other Americans owe more on their house than it is worth. You know that what means, they bought that home for way more than it is really worth. P.S Tamara, if money is not flowing in like it used to they have these things called jobs! You should try and find one.

Another question I have is, why on god’s green earth do they have to throw all these lavish parties in places like the St. Regis? What is wrong with having the soirée in the large and expensive home you already own?! It seems like they go out of their way to spend as much money as they can. Some of these women’s children have no idea how to function on their own, or think of anything beyond beauty and expensive clothes and cars…ahem, Lynn's 2 girls.

I must give Vickie’s daughter credit, she finished a 7 year B.S.N program in 3 years! While I don’t often always agree with some of the things Vickie says or does at least the women is aware of the fact that if you want nice things you need to work hard! In my opinion she works too much, but he if she loves what she does and still has time to go on trips etc then it ain’t broke so she don’t need to fix it.

Jeana leaves the show on Thursdays episode and a new housewife comes on….stay tuned!


Kelly said...

Thank you thank you for the update! ;-) I loove that show, but have forgotten to tune in since it started. Srrsly, stop spending money like you're USED to, change things up, and get a job!!! It's not rocket science. And omg, Vickie is crazy with a capital C. I'm going to have to start recording the episodes so I can get filled in with the OC drama! :-)

Cake Face said...

I ran over to my mom's house to get caught up with the show too. I completely agree that they all made poor decisions to quit working and throw retarded parties. They all gripe about how they're not as wealthy as they used to be; but then they throw "tanning parties," random dinners, and stupid bracelet parties where the bracelets are ignored!

They talk about working like they deserve some sort of award for having a job; and they talk about losing money as if they are suddenly checking into the homeless shelter. They don't even realize that even as they lose money, compared to the rest of the country, they still have so much! Everyone else has to work! Not being able to throw your stupid parties are not huge sacrifices that people will feels sorry for them for.

Aside from the financial issues, can we talk about how Simon seems like he's possessed by the devil? Also, I can't tell who is telling the truth, the pretty young one who married the old dude or Tamra. At this point, they both seem shady.

Anyways, as retarded as these ladies can be... I am drawn to the TV like a magnet when they're on! I can't help it.

Jen said...

That show is like the old cliche...its a car wreck that you just can't help but look at. it's horrifying but you watch it anyway.

They are a mess....thanks for filling us in and i'm excited to snoop around your blog!


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