Thursday, December 31, 2009

2000-2009, a look back....

Wow, I can't believe tomorrow starts the beginning of a new decade...

I am jumping on the bandwagon of 2000-2009, a look back blog posting.

2000-I was 17 and a junior in High School. I don't think anything too spectacular happened this year. This was the first year that my bbf1 Kate and I visited her sister Kara, who became bbf 2 at UC Berkeley for spring break...this was the beginning of many trips up to my favorite place, the bay area.

2001-I applied to many colleges my senior year and got in to all by my #1 choice, UC Berkeley. I decided to attend UC Santa Barbara. I graduated in June and started college in Santa Barbara in September. I my roomie was from Chicago, hey Meg! We would leave the funniest messages on our answering machine, like "hey, it's meg and jen, we can't get to the phone right now because we are rollin around in the hey. ya'll call back now ya here"(with sweet home Alabama playing in the background) and we would ride our bikes to costco and have to carry back huge boxes of things meant to be bought by families, not two girls living in the dorm!

2002- I started dating my one serious bf besides my now hubby. It was a relationship that lasted for 3 years, and that was about 1.5 years too long, but I learned a helluva lot! I also left UC Santa Barbara after my Fall 2002 quarter, it was too expensive to live up there and my roomies were all pretty much into some crazy drugs...

2003- I moved back home and lived with my parents while going to school full time at a community college and working for the school district as a special education assistant. Rocky relationship with the bf...should have probably ended by now...

2004- Fall of 2004 I started school at UC Riverside. I joined the school newspaper and wrote for the sports department...I even had my own column for a while, hahahaha, the were obviously desperate. relationship with the bf was ridiculously bad, bad, bad...and it is long distance...

2005- I left the school paper and worked in the Athletics Media relations department. I must say I met the most wonderful people that really shaped the last 1.5 years of my college career. Ross, Mark, Kim, Julia, Olivia and Gary were all a big part of the end of my college days. I also changed my major from Psychology to Political Science. I had the most wonderful professors and enjoyed my classes so much more and I had the grades to prove it. This is also the year I finally said ADIOS to the bf... I then spent every weekend at my bff 1's house going out and being to single girls and a few short months later, late one night at a bar with bff 1, aka Kate, I met my scotty-poo...

2006- Wooohooo this is the year I graduated college!I moved back to SD and eventually into an apartment downtown all thanks to my hubby's bff Luke...I went from working at a $10 an hour job to find a grown up career type job...which mean that I had the paycheck to fully be on my own and support myself. Scott left for what was supposed to be a 6 month deployment in September, but it turned into a 9 month deployment. Scott and I are off and on and confused by many things but we cannot let go of our connection and friendship. I also meet Scott's bff from high school, Abby.

2007- In March I went back to see family in Minnesota that I hadn't seen in years! It was a great trip even though I was super sick the last few days. Scott got back in May and declared that he cannot imagine his life with out me. Things are all systems go! We plan a trip to Vegas with Scott's bff Abby. Good friend Vanessa gets married in the Fall. In December Scott is transferred up to Ventura, so begins our long distance relationship.

2008- I begin to hate my job. I do a girls trip to Vegas, it was legendary. Minus the $100 dollars for the room I paid before the trip, I left with $200 in my wallet and came home with $90 still in it, and we were VIP the whole time! Scott and I plan our Christmas trip to Michigan where I will meet Scott's family. (Minus his dad, I met him when Scott go back from deployment) I have a white Christmas for the first time in about 20 years! Great Trip! We get to see Scott's all time favorite team, the Piston's play from super sweet seats, only like 8 rows from the court! By the end of the year I would rather have a root canal than go to work!

2009- Since I did a whole post on this I will just recap: New Years in Vegas with Abby, our Vegas partner. Engaged in March, birthday and married in April plus i leave my hated job too. July-visit my parents in Guam. Start new job in October, get new puppy in December. Sista and bff get engaged in 2009 too!

2010, you are the summer of weddings!

What a wonderful year!

you know the latest black eyed peas song???

you know the oneimtalkin about...."I got a feelin, that tonight's gunna be a good night..." ya that one, that's my jam!

Well, that could have also been my theme song for the year, and it would have been playing in my head on Jan 1, 2009 and sounded something like this "I got a feelin, that this years gunna be a good year!"

Let's recap, shall we:

January- Drove to Vegas on New Years day, a very last minute fun surprised trip by my then boyfriend, (yup, now my hubby!) some point that month we also a had a nice loooooooong conversation where we decided we were inittowinit! We decided that since the economy was basically about to go belly up Scott would stay in the Navy in Ventura CA, and finish School at the University of La Verne.

February- Scott surprises me with the best most awesome-est valentine's day ever.

March- March 14th, Scott proposes to me at about 6:45 am while we are trying to watch the sunrise on a overcast morning at Kate Sessions Park in San Diego! He then surprises me with breakfast with Luke, Tish and Em to share the excitement. Another surprise is in store for later that night when he takes me to what is supposed to be a dinner for just the two of us and it really is an engagement sushi dinner with my friends and sista! I also started this blog as a way to keep in touch with friends and family we have all over the states and world....since then I have become addicted to blogging and my bloggy friends as well:)

April- Maybe one of the craziest months this year, I turn 26 on April 15th, that same day I also turn in my keys to my last apartment that I will live in by myself. Scott and I get married on April 16th! Surprise! April 30th is my last day at my job that I had developed a strong hatred for and I move up to Ventura to be with the Mr.

May and June- I don't remember too much that happened in these two months, we spent these two months figuring out what the heck we had just done! In a good way of course! But we did a lot of fun weekend activities just the two of us. We started going to church on a regular basis as well. My sister gets engaged!

July- Since I am unemployed for the first time in ages I take the time to do a lot of thinking and even more importantly I am able to go visit my parents in Guam for two weeks and have some QT time with them. On the trip there I get stuck in Japan for a night and consequently decide that we are getting stationed in Japan for Scott's next tour of duty no matter what! (Ironically whenever my parents fly from Guam to SD they go by way of Hawaii, not Japan. I think that was God's way of letting see Japan for a brief moment so I would want to come back!) My bff gets engaged in Paris!

August- I start volunteering at the FFSC, life is beginning to settle down a bit. I become a godmother! I also think that is the first time I have held a baby that is only a few hours old! Of course I cry....of course

September- Scott and I take our first trip as a married couple, to my favorite city, San Francisco!! This is also the first trip that we take with out friends or that isn't going to see family! An amazing trip and I loved every second of it. Maybe we will do it again this fall and make it a tradition.

October- I am employed again! what what! my volunteering at the FFSC turns into a full time paying gig, yipppeeee!

November- Scott and I celebrate our first thanksgiving together as husband and wife! Scott also finds out he is junior sailor of the year for his command.

December- Scott and I celebrate our first Christmas together as hubby and wifey! We have a wonderful Christmas together with all of my family, finally! This is the first time i have spent Christmas day with both my dad and Scott...We make an addition to our family and adopt puppy Khloe!

wowza, what a year, huh!

Christmas with the godsons...

We went to Luke and Tish's for Christmas dinner....note to all of you, Luke makes THE BEST mac and cheese!

look at his marshmallow cheeks, i love it!

Uncle Scott got Em a "I'd rather be in Detroit shirt"

CHRISTmas day!

I am just going to share a few of the MANY MANY pics we took opening presents at 5:30 am on Christmas morning....

needless to say we were very blessed this Christmas and had a wonderful morning opening gifts, playing my mom's Wii and then had tons of yummy food at Mark and Tina's annual Christmas brunch...which I NEVER remember to take pictures at....

Sunday, December 27, 2009

gingerbread houses...

Oh Christmas eve, after my dad arrived in the early morning from Guam, the kids all made gingerbread houses...

this was a ridiculously good time...kenny made an out house, with a toilet and other goodies, and a light house...ash made a huge barn and some regular houses and scott made a train along with a train station. It was very interesting to make them with graham crackers, not pre-made kits for us! As you can see from one of the pic below the frosting we used really acted like glue once it was dry!

After we all at a yummy Christmas eve meal prepared by my mom and took a nap it was time to get ready for Christmas eve service. As per tradition after church we get to open one present and then sit around and hang out until we must head to bed to allow Santa to come. (If you do not believe in Santa, he does not come...thus I believe, I believe!!)

On the way home from church we stopped at Albertson's so dad could pick up, egg nog, stuff to make apple cider and a dutch apple pie, yummy! I went to bed on Christmas eve with a belly full of apple goodies...

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

universal studios...

we bought tickets to go to universal studios in august, and we finally used them this weekend! (I wrote this post on 12/22...but I am just now getting to post it , whooopsie) yup, not only did we pick out a puppy but we also go to live it up like a kid at a theme park!

We took a tour of a studio and saw lots of cool sets that were used on tv shows and movies, both in the past and present. We saw the set of desperate housewives...aka Wisteria lane, which was really cool!

We also got a performance by all the Who's and the Grinch in Who-ville! Oh how I love the Grinch and all the little who's in Who-ville, I think that might be my favorite Christmas movie/cartoon. My all time favorite Christmas movie i think might be National Lampoon's Christmas! you know...

Margot: Why is the floor all wet Todd?



Grandma Nora: Sweetheart, your grandma Nora's got a real painful burr on my heel. If you rub it for me, I'll give you a whole quarter. Okay?
Russ: [scared] A quarter. A whole quarter!
Grandma Nora: And, I'll give Audrey a quarter too, Audrey!

Ok, back to our regularly scheduled program...universal studios...

We saw the Waterworld show, Shrek in 4-D and a show that gives you the inside scoop on special effects...all very cool shows.

It was fun getting in the holiday spirit as the parks them was "Grinchmas"...

Monday, December 21, 2009

we have a new addition...

to our family!!

A new, no, no...not a baby!

We are naming her Khloe!

Let's start out with how this little girl came to be our new baby! (ok, so I will not be babying her too much or Scott will flip his lid..I already had to assure him that I will not be putting her in doggie clothes etc)

On facebook I have been posting to Santa that I would like a puppy. On Friday I posted that I thought Santa would not be bringing me a forward to Saturday morning, 8:30am and I have a post on FB from my friend Skye telling me she sent me an email about free puppies! At this point I had not even seen the pics in the email, but I was sold! As we drove to breakfast, on our way to Universal Studios, I opened the email, saw the pics and fell in LOVE! I'm not sure what steps I took to convince Scott, but I think I put on my best puppy dog face and said "Please, please, please, I'll be the best wife ever...etc, etc, etc". He seemed like he was going to bite so I wasted no time sending an email to the owner of the puppies. We exchanged a few emails over the next few hours and decided that sunday morning would be when I went to pick out our new puppy. Of course, by now Scott was on board and we started trying to figure out names.

I had initially wanted a boy, but Scott was leaning towards a girl. We decided that we wanted one of the smaller pups of the litter, so we said we would just see which one I fell in love with.

On the drive back home from Universal Studios we went through what seemed like 100's of names... and finally decided we loved the name Khloe...

On Sunday after church and a quick stop at Target we arrived to pick out our baby. There were 7 (the smallest one they owner was keeping and had taken out of the room so we wouldn't fall in love with it :)) cute little puppies all snuggled together. Some came out to sniff around etc, and there was this little one that just sat up and looked so dang cute. She just sat there and looked up at me...I knew that was the one, I picked her up and it was over. The decision had been made. She just sat on my chest and licked my face. We left a blanket there with the her and the rest of the pups so when we pick her up next weekend we can take the blanket with us and she will have something to comfort her at her new home.

The pup is a hybrid: the mom is a collie/pit bull mix and the dad is a dachshund.

here is how I came up with Khloe....

I thought of Charlotte on sex and the city naming her dog Elizabeth Taylor and then I was thinking of all the reality tv stars names...i thought it fitting since I am an addict...and then Khloe came to mind and Scott had vetoed all and said he liked that one...thus we went with Khloe...besides once I said the name I had already seen pics of the puppies and thought any of the girls totally look like a Khloe...

She won't be six weeks old until the day after Christmas, so we get to pick her up then!

Thanks Skye! without you I would still be yearning for a little puppy!

Friday, December 18, 2009

date night with the Mister...

Last night Scott and I did a little Christmas secret stuff, I cannot discuss :) and then we went out to dinner.

Not a quick bite to eat, but a nice sit down have a glass of wine or beer with our meal and talk kind of dinner. I have been wanting to go to the Olive Garden for a while...the last time I went was in 2007 when I went to Minnesota and Meg and I went...I'm pretty sure that night there was a weird couple or guy there that we were laughing at...

It was so nice to sit down and have salad and bread and a yummy cheese and bread appetizer and our yummy pasta dishes and just talk and catch up. Scott has become extremely busy Monday-Thursday night...Monday he is usually working on hw and his uniform, Tuesday and Wednesday night he has class and gets home anywhere from 8-10 pm each night and Thursday we usually have our pastor over, so when he gets home at 5:30 we are trying to tidy up the house and make dinner and eat all before 7 pm...not a lot of quality time with the wifey.
I have to admit I haven't been as supportive lately as I could while we were driving to dinner I announced that I would be paying for dinner, Scott was pleasantly surprised and I think that made going out to dinner even that much better knowing that his wife was taking him out :) It was my way to say I'm sorry for not always being as supportive as I should be or could be. It was also to celebrate that he is done with school until January and finally it was a little celebration of being married for 8 months and not killing one another :)

It was a much needed date night!

* image via google

Thursday, December 17, 2009

New Year's Resolutions...

What do you all think, are they good or bad?

Over the years I have learned that when you get too specific on a New Year's Resolution chances are you flub it up...thus if you make it a more manageable goal and allow for a little bit of wiggle room you have a much better chance of keeping the resolution.

Here is what I hope to accomplish this year..

1. Work out more on a regular basis- at least 3 times a week. I can go to the gym 4-5 times a week for a month and then I have a week where I only go 2-3 times or none at all and I get so discouraged I stop for a whole month! I need to realize that if I can hit the gym 3 times a week for at least an hour, in the long run it is better than the up and down roller coaster I am not now.

2. Do a better job of tidying up around the house, which also includes getting things a bit more organized. I think if Scott had to complain about only one flaw that I have it would be that I am not as neat as he is. Note, how I do not use the word clean. The house is always clean, but some times it could be a little more organized. This also includes hanging my clothes back in the closet instead of throwing them on top of a basket on the floor.

3. Expand my collection of "go to" recipes to make for dinner. I find it very hard to get home after a 9 hour work day and slave over the stove and make dinner. I am by no means a picky person when it comes to what foods I like, I am however, picky about the selection/variety of food I have. It is going to be my goal to make 2 new recipes a month that I can add to my "go to" collection.

If my kitchen looked like this it might help a little too! :)

4. Grow in my walk with the Lord, both on my own as well as with Scott. We need to set aside time each week to have a couple's devotion and grow our spiritual walk with the Lord.

I think these 4 goals are enough to keep my busy for they are broad enough I can add other goals I wish to accomplish under them...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

oh housewives...this week...

you kinda sucked!!!!

This episode was lack luster to say the least!

Let's start out with Lynn's plastic surgery...oh and her daughter too! She straight up commented that hopefully she won't have the scared look on her face! So she knew she always looked like a deer in head lights...

Vicki redeemed herself this episode...I can look past the 3 day blind date she set up for her daughter because it looks like she might be making a genuine effort to work on her marriage.

Let's move on to the newest housewife, Alexis, the lunch date she had with Gretchen was comical. I find it very hard to listen to a women profess how the Lord kept telling her this man was the one for her when her boobs are falling out of every skimpy outfit she wears. This leads to my next topic, not spending any time apart from your husband, or not travelling without your husband. Both Tamra and Alexis have a deal with their husbands that they don't travel without them. Ummmmm, is it just me or does this sound more controlling than endearing?!

This brings us to the Florida trip Vicki invited all the girls to...Simon and Jim invited themselves to Florida because they cannot be away from their wives...Jim then has the nerve to say that Vicki and Don don't have a normal marriage like he and Simon have...ummmmmmm, last time I checked being a controlling tool of a husband does not constitute a normal marriage!

The meeting over drinks that Gretchen and Tamra had was stupid...I can't find any other word, stupid is all that comes to mind. That had to have been set up and staged by Bravo!

Tamra goes back to work in this episode and Simon is anything but happy about this. His words "I don't want you taking away from raising the kids, that's important to me"....ummmm, hey buddy, if the kids were so important to you why did you quit your job to start a tequila business during the most horrific economic crisis in years?! imjustsayin

oye, this blog was not nearly as fun to write as the last few housewives recaps. I hope this week's episode is far better!

elves country style!!

My sister made this! sooooooo funny, I've watched it about 6 times!

It's me, her, my bro, scott and john (my sis's fiance)

country elves

Monday, December 14, 2009

football and cookies

After hosting our the California desert Hatzung's on Saturday we had our first party/get together at our place for football on Sunday.

The Chargers played the cowboys on Sunday and of course I wanted to have a bbq. I of course want to have a bbq every Sunday....I miss getting together with all my girlies for Chargers football on Sunday...especially in December...oh the afternoons spent at pb bar and grill drinking mimosas scream our heads off...memories....

I made a delicious spread of food and we enjoyed watching the Chargers beat the Cowboys! sorry John! (My soon to be bro-in-law is a die hard Cowboys fan!)

Let's rewind a few days back to Thursday night, I baked cookies to take to work to be passed out to the single sailors on base. Here are a few pictures of the goodies...

good thing I only wear this shirt under sweaters...

Only 11 more days until Christmas!

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