Tuesday, December 1, 2009

black friday, oh baby!

I went shopping on Black Friday, but not at the butt crack of dawn...Scott and I attempted that two years ago and when we saw a line of about 100 people long at Circuit City at 3 am we turned our butts around and said "The computer we want will be gobbled up by the time we get in the door, let's go back home and go to bed!"

This Black Friday I met my friend Liz for a mid morning/afternoon of shopping. We were going to go to brunch and then shopping but at about 9 pm on Thanksgiving she called to say that she was having anxiety just thinking about eating the next morning! Therefore we opted to meet in downtown La Jolla, hit up a few boutique shops and then head over to the UTC mall because we could part at good'ol Northern and walk over to the mall! Score for us, no crazy black Friday shoppers!

Liz was in need of a holiday outfit she would wear to a housewarming party the next night as well as her work Christmas party in a few weeks. She was inquiring about the leggings/tights with booties look. I proceeded to rave about how much i love it and wear it all the time. We were now on a mission to get her a cute holiday look a la cute short dress, tights and black booties. We scored all of these items. At a boutique in LJ we found a ridiculously cute black and red checkered retro looking dress. It was to die for on her, and score on super sale for $15! We then headed to the Gap and she got black and grey tights, both an option for the dress. We then headed over to the mall. By noon the mall had seemed to dwindle down. It did not look as scary as I am sure it was at about 6 or 7 am. We found her the cutest black booties at Nordstrom. Via Spiga, leather, oh so cute, and oh so on sale!

I also found a Christmas gift for Scott, his sister, his dad and part of my gift for my bff Kate. All in all I would say it was a good black Friday shopping day. Oh, yea, I also found jewelry to wear to Scott's work Christmas party this Friday. Bling earrings and necklace for last than $20!

After a pit stop to my parents house to pick up the mister we headed over to Luke and tish's to hang out and watch the boys while they had a date night.

Here is a list of things we did while at our second home in SD:

  • played with Emery, duh

  • held, fed, snuggled with Preston, duh again

  • ate another Thanksgiving feast! Luke's home made mac and cheese is da' bomb!

  • Scott and Luke played wii, this video below shows how into the canoeing game they were!

  • Em told Scott to have a seat while he was going potty on the big boy toilet. Yup, he knew he was going to be a while so he thought he would be courteous and tell Uncle Scott to sit down while he waited. hahaha

  • Scott changed his first baby diaper, maybe ever! But this is the first time he has changed Preston's diaper. I made sure to take some pictures of that as well!

  • We then took turns holding the "Buddha" while he slept. I think Scott might love babies more than he thinks....

    • Preston wakes up at about 9 pm to be fed. He woke up and thus I fed him. When he was done with the bottle I sat him up to burp him and while he did burp he had already fallen back asleep! hahaha

    • Emery was practicing to go to Hogwarts...she him dressed in his invisible cloak below...

    • Emery was also pretty sure he was going to leave the house and come with us, thus he laid on Uncle Scott's bag to be packed in the trunk. That kid cracks me up.

      • I am not sure if every 2 1/2 year old is as technologically savvy as he is, he can find his dvr recording, watch it, rewind it, and delete it. He knows how to use his mom's iphone and plays with his dads old sidekick like an old pro.

        Scott vs Luke

        P.S. I can't believe Christmas is in 23 days!


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