Monday, December 14, 2009

The California Hatzung's gather!

On Saturday morning the Mister and I eagerly awaited his (Scott's) cousin Danny and his wife, Gina to arrive at our house. Danny is stationed at Edwards Air Force base about 2 hours away from us. Which is the closest any relative has live to me in decades!

What you may not know is that for a long while Danny and Gina thought that maybe Scott was making me up! hehehe Last year they were in San Diego for their honeymoon and I was away on a girls trip in Vegas. He took them to my place to meet up and then to our favorite sushi place in Pacific Beach. Then again when Scott picked them up from the LAX airport in October I had my girlies in town and was out doing some power shopping and again Gina and I did not get to meet! Danny did get to briefly meet me the weekend Scott took him to the airport, but I was again on my way out the door to Santa Monica for a girls weekend. I swear I don't have a girls weekend every weekend!

This weekend it all finally came together. We had planned to see the Parade of Lights show but the rain prevented that. (Or for Scott the Festival of Lights...inside joke!) The rain kind of prevented a lot from happening but we still had loads of fun! We went to downtown Ventura to grab lunch, we had Thai food, yummo! We then headed back home since the rain did not want to stop. We played a few rounds of the cabela's hunting game and then while Danny and Scott got their competitive issues out of their system Gina and I made enchiladas for dinner. The remaining 6 hours were spent around the table talking, laughing and drinking wine.

It was so good to finally meet more family on Scott's side and now that we live only 2 hour from each other I am sure we will see each other more often.

Of course we couldn't spend an entire day together without a few photo opts.

Can you pick out what is wrong with this picture?


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