Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas has arrived in our home!

Yesterday the Mister and I had a day of holiday fun. We did everything related to getting ready for Christmas. Our day started at 10:30 am with breakfast at Denny's. The one by our house has a 20% military discount so we couldn't resist, we needed to fuel up for the long day.

Here is the list of places we went to yesterday:

  1. Target, at the Mall

  2. Victoria's Secret

  3. American Eagle

  4. Macy's

  5. JCPenney's

  6. A random store in the mall

  7. Khol's

  8. Best Buy

  9. World Market

  10. Home Depot

  11. TJ Maxx

  12. The Navy Exchange

  13. The commissary (grocery store on base)

  14. Christmas Tree lot

  15. Target

  16. Big Lots

  17. Target

This was the trunk when we were about 60% done with our shopping! The backseat eventually became full as well...

OH MY GOSH! We were shopping fools, we also went to Starbucks for coffee and McDonald's for more coffee!!

We got about 90% of our shopping done. But I don't think Scott has gotten me anything, so I wonder when he will have a chance to do that. Next weekend is all booked up!

If you look at the end of our list we went to Target a heck of a lot, and here is why. We realize that we don't have enough lights for the windows and the tree, so we figure after we get the tree we will drop it off at home and get the rest of our needed items to decorate the house. We go to the tree lot and find the perfect tree, only $50 (tree stand sold separately). The guys says he will give us the tree for $39 and the tree stand is $15 so we would get it all for $55. Not sure why at all, but Scott says that is okay we can get one at Target since we have to go there any way. He was so adamant that the ones they provide are just not nice looking at all. So we get the tree home and get back into the car to head to Target for the second time. time check, 6:30 pm.

We get to Target get lights and garland and realize they only have the $25 10 foot tree tree stand, waaaaaaaaaaaaay to expensive! So we purchase our items and decide where to go next. I want to go to the Target about 2 miles down the way in the Mall, and Scott wants to go to the Big Lots we passed on the way. I say no, no, no, Target, Big Lots might be a cluster and you never know what they might have. He insists. We start to drive and he also insists he knows where the Big Lots is and when I tell him to keep driving he gets all huffy and puffy and says that we passed it. He bets me $20 dollars I am wrong and I tell him that it was much further back towards home than he remembers. He drives and is continuing to cry that we have gone to far and how far must he drive before we just turn around and go to the other Target. I tell him to keep going, I am right, he is wrong. As we keep driving he says it was just up-ed to $40 because he is so sure he is right. Just as he gets that comment out I tell him to make a left at the up coming light, what do you know, there is Big Lots! No tree stand there. We turn around go back to Target #2 and get our $9.99 tree stand! time check when we get home, 8pm!

Scott set up the tree while I fixed us a nice spread to get us through the decorating and then started to make dinner. We didn't even end up eating dinner, it went in the fridge!

We watched National Lampoon's Christmas while decorating, I Love that movie!!!

We didn't get everything done last night but our tree is up and decorated and today I wrapped presents to put under it.

Scott's cousin and his wife that are stationed about 2 hours away at Edwards AFB are coming out next Saturday so I will be sure to finish all the decorating by Saturday.


Kelly said...

I'm exhausted from just reading your post! Sounds a lot like my husband with the "TRUST me, the store is HERE!" banter ;-) Sounds like a fun weekend!

Selma said...

This is one long shopping trip!! Though I hear you. I did the same always do for any holiday/event... started at Target at the mall, Kohl's, and then all the way over to TJ Maxx and the World Market...and back to Target, and then back to the mall and Target again. I keep ending up at Target. ;) :(
Your tree looks cute though!!! Happy Monday.

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