Friday, December 18, 2009

date night with the Mister...

Last night Scott and I did a little Christmas secret stuff, I cannot discuss :) and then we went out to dinner.

Not a quick bite to eat, but a nice sit down have a glass of wine or beer with our meal and talk kind of dinner. I have been wanting to go to the Olive Garden for a while...the last time I went was in 2007 when I went to Minnesota and Meg and I went...I'm pretty sure that night there was a weird couple or guy there that we were laughing at...

It was so nice to sit down and have salad and bread and a yummy cheese and bread appetizer and our yummy pasta dishes and just talk and catch up. Scott has become extremely busy Monday-Thursday night...Monday he is usually working on hw and his uniform, Tuesday and Wednesday night he has class and gets home anywhere from 8-10 pm each night and Thursday we usually have our pastor over, so when he gets home at 5:30 we are trying to tidy up the house and make dinner and eat all before 7 pm...not a lot of quality time with the wifey.
I have to admit I haven't been as supportive lately as I could while we were driving to dinner I announced that I would be paying for dinner, Scott was pleasantly surprised and I think that made going out to dinner even that much better knowing that his wife was taking him out :) It was my way to say I'm sorry for not always being as supportive as I should be or could be. It was also to celebrate that he is done with school until January and finally it was a little celebration of being married for 8 months and not killing one another :)

It was a much needed date night!

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Cherith Meeks said...

Date nights are wonderful! :) I think they were the only thing that saved us in our first couple of months!

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