Thursday, December 17, 2009

New Year's Resolutions...

What do you all think, are they good or bad?

Over the years I have learned that when you get too specific on a New Year's Resolution chances are you flub it up...thus if you make it a more manageable goal and allow for a little bit of wiggle room you have a much better chance of keeping the resolution.

Here is what I hope to accomplish this year..

1. Work out more on a regular basis- at least 3 times a week. I can go to the gym 4-5 times a week for a month and then I have a week where I only go 2-3 times or none at all and I get so discouraged I stop for a whole month! I need to realize that if I can hit the gym 3 times a week for at least an hour, in the long run it is better than the up and down roller coaster I am not now.

2. Do a better job of tidying up around the house, which also includes getting things a bit more organized. I think if Scott had to complain about only one flaw that I have it would be that I am not as neat as he is. Note, how I do not use the word clean. The house is always clean, but some times it could be a little more organized. This also includes hanging my clothes back in the closet instead of throwing them on top of a basket on the floor.

3. Expand my collection of "go to" recipes to make for dinner. I find it very hard to get home after a 9 hour work day and slave over the stove and make dinner. I am by no means a picky person when it comes to what foods I like, I am however, picky about the selection/variety of food I have. It is going to be my goal to make 2 new recipes a month that I can add to my "go to" collection.

If my kitchen looked like this it might help a little too! :)

4. Grow in my walk with the Lord, both on my own as well as with Scott. We need to set aside time each week to have a couple's devotion and grow our spiritual walk with the Lord.

I think these 4 goals are enough to keep my busy for they are broad enough I can add other goals I wish to accomplish under them...


Cherith Meeks said...

Great goals! Many of those are similar to what I am setting. Especially the exercise and devotion time. I hate to work out and am terrible about doing it. I like to be active (hike, etc.) but not go to the gym for the purpose of exercising. And it's hard to do anything outside in the winter in NY. And it's hard to be active when you sit at a desk all week.

As far as dinner, do you plan your meals out ahead of time? That's what I do. That way I can throw in some "go to" recipes but intentionally try out some new recipes each week. And that way I also can make sure that we have balanced meals, are not eating too much pasta in one week, or beef 2 nights in a row, etc.
It also ensures that I have all the groceries I need (and keeps me from buying extra snack things that we don't need) and I don't have to stress about when I will make for dinner because I already know! :) AND when things pop up, it can be flexible and sometimes meals will carry over into the next week which saves us money on next week's groceries! My favorite! :)

So anyway, just a thought. I know that system doesn't work well for everyone but it works for me and my OCDness about food!

By the way, I LOVE your save the date pictures!!

Selma said...

Oh I want a kitchen like this one too! :D Including the dog! :D Good luck with your four goals. :) No New Year's Resolutions for me...I think.

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