Tuesday, December 15, 2009

oh housewives...this week...

you kinda sucked!!!!

This episode was lack luster to say the least!

Let's start out with Lynn's plastic surgery...oh and her daughter too! She straight up commented that hopefully she won't have the scared look on her face! So she knew she always looked like a deer in head lights...

Vicki redeemed herself this episode...I can look past the 3 day blind date she set up for her daughter because it looks like she might be making a genuine effort to work on her marriage.

Let's move on to the newest housewife, Alexis, the lunch date she had with Gretchen was comical. I find it very hard to listen to a women profess how the Lord kept telling her this man was the one for her when her boobs are falling out of every skimpy outfit she wears. This leads to my next topic, not spending any time apart from your husband, or not travelling without your husband. Both Tamra and Alexis have a deal with their husbands that they don't travel without them. Ummmmm, is it just me or does this sound more controlling than endearing?!

This brings us to the Florida trip Vicki invited all the girls to...Simon and Jim invited themselves to Florida because they cannot be away from their wives...Jim then has the nerve to say that Vicki and Don don't have a normal marriage like he and Simon have...ummmmmmm, last time I checked being a controlling tool of a husband does not constitute a normal marriage!

The meeting over drinks that Gretchen and Tamra had was stupid...I can't find any other word, stupid is all that comes to mind. That had to have been set up and staged by Bravo!

Tamra goes back to work in this episode and Simon is anything but happy about this. His words "I don't want you taking away from raising the kids, that's important to me"....ummmm, hey buddy, if the kids were so important to you why did you quit your job to start a tequila business during the most horrific economic crisis in years?! imjustsayin

oye, this blog was not nearly as fun to write as the last few housewives recaps. I hope this week's episode is far better!


Kelly said...

All I can say is that I was QUITE relieved that Raquelle (sp??) only got a nose job and NOT a boob job. I was totally convinced that she was coming in for that... Uh, and Alexis and her husband STILL really creep me out for some reason.

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