Tuesday, December 8, 2009

oh the weather outside is frightful...

But my office space heater is so delightful!

Boy oh boy has it been cold. I know we live in sunny southern California, but don't get it twisted, it isn't always 75 degrees and sunny. This morning when I left my house to go get a hot steaming warm cup of soy cafe misto at Starbucks it was a chilly 34 degrees out!

Yesterday we had a rain storm and had huge gusts of winds all night. You could hear the wind howling, and a few times through out the night the lights and everything flickered off and on.

The storm was pretty intense and combine that with the cold weather and the mountains look gorgeous all covered in snow!

Last night while driving to Taco Bell. side note: What can I say, it is hard to be domestic and cook dinner after a Monday 9 hour day of work and prepping for a presentation at work the next day, I just did not feel like cooking. Plus, I had planned on grilling meat, but the rain prevented that from happening. Can you imagine Scott cooking on my mini green Weber grill with the winds and rain?! hahah...ok focus, so on the .50 mile drive we saw tons of tumbleweeds all over the streets! It was like we had moved to the set of a country western film.

This is a picture I found of tumbleweed, we did not have balls rolling around the streets this size, but can you imagine if you saw that rolling next to you while driving to work?! ATTACK OF THE KILLER TUMBLEWEED...tumbleweed is a funny word.

So, while we do not get snow here on the beaches of southern California you better believe we are pulling out our coats, scarves, gloves and window snow scrapers because there was also ice on the car windshields.

Todo, it's not summertime anymore!


Lisa said...

hahah @ the tumbleweed...looks so hilarious for some reason! I cannot believe it has been so cold in CA-- hopefully it warms up a little in SF when I head back there. :)

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