Thursday, December 3, 2009

sushi with my lovelies!

The final Thanksgiving Holiday post!

On Saturday afternoon my mom and I went with my sister to get her wedding dress! My third time there to pick out a dress in the last 4 months!! One for me, one for Kara and now one for Ashlee! It is gorgeous!

Saturday evening was sushi was the lovelies and their husbands/fiances/boyfriends! It was so much fun. We had drinks at home before and then all took a cab to our favorite sushi gathering place, Zen5. As you will see from our pictures below we sat like we were in the 3rd grade, boys at one table and girls at the other! But we have a good excuse, we all hadn't hung out in so long the girlie's needed to catch up and the guys needed to do what ever guys do!

We are all very happy in this picture because we have sushi, beer and saki in our bellies!

We then went to one of our favorite watering holes, Plum Crazy. After John and Matt beat a few groups of tools at a few games of pool John and Scott played "Big Buck". Only our favorite bar game ever! Nothing like getting all dolled up and going to the bar to shoot a gun!

What a wonderful way to end a wonderful Holiday!


Kelly said...

Loove buck hunter! :-) When Greg and his best friend get together they only go to bars with buck hunter in them. Look like you had fun!

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