Monday, December 21, 2009

we have a new addition...

to our family!!

A new, no, no...not a baby!

We are naming her Khloe!

Let's start out with how this little girl came to be our new baby! (ok, so I will not be babying her too much or Scott will flip his lid..I already had to assure him that I will not be putting her in doggie clothes etc)

On facebook I have been posting to Santa that I would like a puppy. On Friday I posted that I thought Santa would not be bringing me a forward to Saturday morning, 8:30am and I have a post on FB from my friend Skye telling me she sent me an email about free puppies! At this point I had not even seen the pics in the email, but I was sold! As we drove to breakfast, on our way to Universal Studios, I opened the email, saw the pics and fell in LOVE! I'm not sure what steps I took to convince Scott, but I think I put on my best puppy dog face and said "Please, please, please, I'll be the best wife ever...etc, etc, etc". He seemed like he was going to bite so I wasted no time sending an email to the owner of the puppies. We exchanged a few emails over the next few hours and decided that sunday morning would be when I went to pick out our new puppy. Of course, by now Scott was on board and we started trying to figure out names.

I had initially wanted a boy, but Scott was leaning towards a girl. We decided that we wanted one of the smaller pups of the litter, so we said we would just see which one I fell in love with.

On the drive back home from Universal Studios we went through what seemed like 100's of names... and finally decided we loved the name Khloe...

On Sunday after church and a quick stop at Target we arrived to pick out our baby. There were 7 (the smallest one they owner was keeping and had taken out of the room so we wouldn't fall in love with it :)) cute little puppies all snuggled together. Some came out to sniff around etc, and there was this little one that just sat up and looked so dang cute. She just sat there and looked up at me...I knew that was the one, I picked her up and it was over. The decision had been made. She just sat on my chest and licked my face. We left a blanket there with the her and the rest of the pups so when we pick her up next weekend we can take the blanket with us and she will have something to comfort her at her new home.

The pup is a hybrid: the mom is a collie/pit bull mix and the dad is a dachshund.

here is how I came up with Khloe....

I thought of Charlotte on sex and the city naming her dog Elizabeth Taylor and then I was thinking of all the reality tv stars names...i thought it fitting since I am an addict...and then Khloe came to mind and Scott had vetoed all and said he liked that one...thus we went with Khloe...besides once I said the name I had already seen pics of the puppies and thought any of the girls totally look like a Khloe...

She won't be six weeks old until the day after Christmas, so we get to pick her up then!

Thanks Skye! without you I would still be yearning for a little puppy!


megan said...

so cute, congrats! more pics! and i have to say, mike shakes his head but dogs in clothes are hilarious :)

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