Thursday, December 31, 2009

What a wonderful year!

you know the latest black eyed peas song???

you know the oneimtalkin about...."I got a feelin, that tonight's gunna be a good night..." ya that one, that's my jam!

Well, that could have also been my theme song for the year, and it would have been playing in my head on Jan 1, 2009 and sounded something like this "I got a feelin, that this years gunna be a good year!"

Let's recap, shall we:

January- Drove to Vegas on New Years day, a very last minute fun surprised trip by my then boyfriend, (yup, now my hubby!) some point that month we also a had a nice loooooooong conversation where we decided we were inittowinit! We decided that since the economy was basically about to go belly up Scott would stay in the Navy in Ventura CA, and finish School at the University of La Verne.

February- Scott surprises me with the best most awesome-est valentine's day ever.

March- March 14th, Scott proposes to me at about 6:45 am while we are trying to watch the sunrise on a overcast morning at Kate Sessions Park in San Diego! He then surprises me with breakfast with Luke, Tish and Em to share the excitement. Another surprise is in store for later that night when he takes me to what is supposed to be a dinner for just the two of us and it really is an engagement sushi dinner with my friends and sista! I also started this blog as a way to keep in touch with friends and family we have all over the states and world....since then I have become addicted to blogging and my bloggy friends as well:)

April- Maybe one of the craziest months this year, I turn 26 on April 15th, that same day I also turn in my keys to my last apartment that I will live in by myself. Scott and I get married on April 16th! Surprise! April 30th is my last day at my job that I had developed a strong hatred for and I move up to Ventura to be with the Mr.

May and June- I don't remember too much that happened in these two months, we spent these two months figuring out what the heck we had just done! In a good way of course! But we did a lot of fun weekend activities just the two of us. We started going to church on a regular basis as well. My sister gets engaged!

July- Since I am unemployed for the first time in ages I take the time to do a lot of thinking and even more importantly I am able to go visit my parents in Guam for two weeks and have some QT time with them. On the trip there I get stuck in Japan for a night and consequently decide that we are getting stationed in Japan for Scott's next tour of duty no matter what! (Ironically whenever my parents fly from Guam to SD they go by way of Hawaii, not Japan. I think that was God's way of letting see Japan for a brief moment so I would want to come back!) My bff gets engaged in Paris!

August- I start volunteering at the FFSC, life is beginning to settle down a bit. I become a godmother! I also think that is the first time I have held a baby that is only a few hours old! Of course I cry....of course

September- Scott and I take our first trip as a married couple, to my favorite city, San Francisco!! This is also the first trip that we take with out friends or that isn't going to see family! An amazing trip and I loved every second of it. Maybe we will do it again this fall and make it a tradition.

October- I am employed again! what what! my volunteering at the FFSC turns into a full time paying gig, yipppeeee!

November- Scott and I celebrate our first thanksgiving together as husband and wife! Scott also finds out he is junior sailor of the year for his command.

December- Scott and I celebrate our first Christmas together as hubby and wifey! We have a wonderful Christmas together with all of my family, finally! This is the first time i have spent Christmas day with both my dad and Scott...We make an addition to our family and adopt puppy Khloe!

wowza, what a year, huh!


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