Monday, December 7, 2009

your weekly review of the housewives

I really enjoy putting in my two cents about the latest Housewives of OC episode a few days after I watch it. This ensures that I talked about the things that happened that most shocked/annoyed/flabbergasted me etc.

This week kept me hooked, as usual!

First off, that bling necklace the "new" housewife Alexis, got was redic! That thing had 7 carats worth of diamonds. I don't even know what else to say about it because it still baffles me.

Next up, Vicki, setting up her daughter on a 3 day long blind date. Really, who does that? He is from Indiana and after a few weeks of texting and talking on the phone Vicki flies him to So Cal to meet and greet with her daughter. Dating is not a business transaction. Can you imagine if you went on a blind date and it lasted 3 days and he was staying in the same house as you? Talk about wanting to poke your eye out, offa.

Good'ol Gretchen. This episode she went back to Michigan to see Jeff's kids and the place where they spread his ashes. His two kids are rebelling big time because of his death. Both are in trouble with the police for drinking and driving, and or speeding etc. The daughter really bought a condo, I'm sure with the money she got after he died, but refuses to find a job. Come on now kid, it is time to buck up and become a productive member of society. Nothing too crazy about Gretchen, she looked flawless as usual and we didn't see Slade in this episode, hallelujah!

Tamra, man alive, her life is spiraling out of control. Her 23 year old son is a piece of work. He is going to jail for 5 days for some crime he committed. He said it was no big deal because it was just jail, not prison. Ummm, first stop jail, last stop prison. That kid is an embarrassment, as much as I usually despise Tamra's husband I have to agree with the way he is treating his tool of a step-son!

Lynn, Lynn, Lynn, it is so obvious she has no clue how to raise her kid and how to be a parent. Has anyone noticed the faces she makes on the show while things are going on. It is a mix between being confused/constipated/scared and lost. It is not becoming at all! They really called in a "teen whisperer". I think a much cheaper way to gain some control over your crazy teenage girls is to create some discipline. The 17 year old straight up admitted that she is some times with guys and that is why she doesn't let her parents know where she is! Uhhh, might be time to buy her a chastity belt!

This episode was not as drama filled as the last few, but the previews for next week look GOOD! Tamra and Gretchen meet up for lunch. Should be good stuff!


Kelly said...

Eee! I tuned in to this episode last night, so good to have my OC ladies back :-) I agree on everything you said-- wish I had Gretchen's hair, I probably look just like Lynn with my confusion with this Alexis chick (can't figure them out-- did you see the nanny??), and srrsly Vicki, a 3 day blind date?? Awwwkward! Tamra's family makes me nervous for some strange reason :-S Thanks for the fun recap :-)

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