Thursday, December 30, 2010

help a baby come home {help a blog full of weldons}

a few months ago I won a super cute bag from this angie at a blog full of weldons

she makes the cutest bags and sells them on her  etsy shop {she will be back to selling in January, be sure to check them out!}

{her bag on our honeymoon, it is sooooo cute!}

her purpose of selling the bags isn't just for some extra spending cash. She makes them to pay for the adoption fees to adopt their baby girl from China!

take a few moments to read a few of her blog postings and you will see how much love and joy this family has and how excited they are to bring home baby Emery Lin. 

They have raised over $14,000 towards the adoption fees but still need $9,000.  You can donate to Emery Lin's Adoption fund right on her page.

Just think, if everyone gave a few dollars their baby girl will come home from the orphanage in China!

God is so amazing and blesses us all in so many ways. 

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

our Christmas weekend {30 photos!}

I can't believe Christmas has come and gone.  I had 4 blissful days off of work, and what do you know, i wake up on day on sick.  I'm sitting on the couch bundled up as I type this because I am still sick.  My voice is long gone and my body is just achy and over it...

We started  the holiday weekend on Thursday night walking the two streets in historic Oxnard that get all decked out for Christmas. we even saw Santa!

Christmas eve we slept in {to a whooping 830am, i also woke up at 3 am super sick, with the chills and might have canceled Christmas! }we lounged around the house and then took khloe on  walk along the board walk. It was the first sunny day in 2 weeks {it is a big fat lie that is it is always 70 degrees and sunny in California...we don't get the snow storms others do but we are not always running around in tank tops and booty shorts}.

it was a really nice walk, khloe was beyond excited since she had been cooped up in the house for days due to the rain...

{i love this photo}

after the walk we got ready to go to our friends rik and liz's house.  We had planned on doing a Christmas eve dinner just the two of us but since rik and liz's family wasn't able to make it to CA due to weather they invited us over and we couldn't refuse.  {in the beginning of the holiday season i was okay spending this Christmas alone with just scott and khloe but it started to sound depressing as Christmas got closer}.

We had an amazing dinner of steak, crab legs, mashed potatoes, bacon and green beans and salad.  {and of course a nice big glass of wine!}.  After dinner scott and I headed to Christmas eve service at church. We had a great time watching the little kids "tell" the Christmas story.  After church pastor and lois invited us over to have some appetizers and hang out for a bit.

{notice the butter for our crab!}

{it has become a tradition that scott and i get a picture together in front of the Christmas tree before Christmas eve service, this is at R&L's}

When we got home on Christmas eve we opened one present each {my family tradition} and tried to watch the jim carey "a Christmas carol" but we did not like was already 1130 so we just headed to bed.

I woke up at 5am and realized khloe wasn't in bed, and then realized scott wasn't either! I was still a bit too tired and sick to get out 6 am i woke up again to a text from my big little brother. {keeping in tradition of my little brother waking my up super early on Christmas morning.} Scott also came in to get me.  he and khloe had gotten up at about 430 am to get my presents ready...

{scott went a bit over board on my stocking...}

he called my mom this year about stocking suggestions. {this was the first Christmas we weren't with my family, or any family the morning of...}

before we opened everything we skyped with my mom, dad, and brother {he was visiting them in MN for Christmas} was so much fun to see them on Christmas, even if it was via the internet.  We opened my brothers gifts while skyping...kinda made me feel like we were all together.

{khloe smelling her stocking}

{examining her goodies}

{all the fun stuff we had to open}

{growing up in my house you had to believe in santa or he didn't come. i still believe and low and behold he came!} i had to wait until the end to open this gift...{it was not what i thought it might be!}

{all my stocking loot!}

{scott opening new shoes, khloe destroyed his a few weeks ago}

{scott remembered last year i said i wanted to start a Christmas village collection, my first one is a coffee shop!}

{new comfy sweat pants for the hubby}

{a digital frame for my office}

{coach! the burgundy on the left is a wallet from my bro, the wristlet is from scott!}

{external hard drive}

{her second book, i am curious}

{even khloe got me a gift!}

and the grand finale...the big gift....

{a kitchenaid mixer!}

i have been wanting one of these for years and could never justify spending hundreds on it right now because we don't have a big kitchen and thus i might not use it as much right now...

{scotts family tradition: Cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning}

 {gift from my sister, her and scott got me really cool books that have amazing covers to display in our bookcase.}

We did a lot of skyping on Christmas.  After opening presents we skyped with our godsons Emery and Preston {and momma and daddy too}...this was also the first Christmas we didn't spend with Emery

{khloe and scott napping before the drive to Edwards AFB}

after the gifts were open and skyping was done {scott spoiled me so much!} it was time to get ready for the 2 hour drive inland to have Christmas dinner with Cousin Danny {scott's cousin}, his wife Gina and Gina's family...

{the amazing appetizer spread Gina prepared}

{german tradition Gina and i decided we will do: hide a pickle ornament in the tree and then search for it...}
notice where i am searching...that is where the pickle was hidden, but i didn't find it! :(

{Gina did!}

{the three gals in our aprons prepping dinner}

{it is my family tradition to have green bean casserole for holiday meals...}
it was a hit, everyone loved it

{the table getting set for a yummy dinner}

we had steak with pomegranate sauce, potatoes, yummy cauliflower, salad and green bean casserole

{dessert: Gina made 6 different kinds of truffles...yes, i said made!}

{group shot...even khloe made it in the pic}

We had a great time with Danny, Gina and her family. We spent the night eating, drinking wine and coffee and talking about everything under the sun! {i even had a new photography project to try courtesy of Gina's brother Andrew} I am so glad were able to have Christmas dinner with family. {i also skyped with my sister and bro-in-law before i did get to "see" all my family on Christmas}

Monday, December 27, 2010

2600 bags of christmas cookies:{yeow that is a lot of cookies}

I spent from October to December 14th doing a cookie drive for our single sailors at NBVC
{as a part of the Navy Enlisted Spouses Club}.

We have about 1900 single sailors here at our base. I made it my mission to make sure we would have enough bags for EVERY SINGLE SAILOR at NBVC. 

After making such a bold statement I was a bit scared that we wouldn't have enough donations so I decided to go out to some community resources, aka grocery stores, to see if they would be willing to donate cookies.
 the answer i received was a big fat NO!

Edith, Liz and I spent a Saturday afternoon baking hundreds of cookies...literally we were baking for about 6 hours.

I felt a little defeated, I had put the word out through various outlets, but had no idea how many people were going to donate their time and money to make bags of cookies.

My marketing skills are legit! I had over 2600 bags of cookies!
{that is over 10,000 cookies}

It was such a great feeling to see that one person could make a difference.

I found my holiday spirit as i had tears in my eyes counting the bags with my husband late into the evening on December 13th.

{cookies being delivered through out the day}

{me surrounded by cookies!}

{we received about  200 more bags of cookies after the big count!}

hello brunette!

last night i spent an hour skyping with my sis in Washington and my bro and dad in Minnesota, at the same time, it was hilarious! while skyping i also uploaded pictures from the last few weeks, including Christmas, so stay tuned for the Christmas 2010 post, coming soon!!!

in the mean time we can explore the new hair I'm rockin!

{before: blonde..this is kinda a scary pic, no??!}

{hello dark chocolate brown with a hint of burgundy}

{bathroom pic at work today}

these are all courtesy of my crackberry, so the pic quality is not the best...

we had a wonderful Christmas weekend despite me being sick as a the heat of my sickness at a 3am on Christmas eve morning i might have woken up with the chills, achy, sore throat and ears and cancelled Christmas! haha

stay tuned for the picture recap of Christmas 2010!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Khloe: {halloween and her first birthday!}

gosh, I always feel like I am so behind on posts...

I can't believe Christmas is 19 days away!

 That means Khloe has celebrated her first Halloween and her first Birthday!

Scott left for two weeks of work in SD on Halloween so Khloe and I headed over to see her boyfriend Dante and hang out with Rik and Liz {we passed out candy to all the base trick or treaters}.

We had a yummy dinner of steak, potatoes and asparagus...{it must have been super yummy if I still remember what we ate!}

The puppies were having a great time running around, chasing each other {read: wearing each other out! yay}

{Khloe loves to eat food that doesn't belong to her!}

{waiting by the door for trick or treaters}

{group shot! Khloe's bf is in the middle{dante}, Rome won the NBVC NEX doggie costume contest with his prisoner costume, how cute is that!? }

Two weeks after Halloween Khloe celebrated her first birthday, November 13th!

We took her to Petco to let her pick out a bone and some other birthday toys.

We also gave her a butt ton of treats with peanut butter as her "birthday cake"

{picking out her bone...we ended up going with one a bit smaller}

{eating her birthday cake}

{playing with her jumbo tennis ball!}

I can't believe Khloe is already a year old.  She is going to celebrate her first christmas with us this year {last year we picked her up the day after christmas}.

I've already started to get her some new toys for Christmas, as well as a reindeer antlers!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

I'm getting a little political...

{warning, i am kind of ranting...}

"The truth is that there is so much more that each of us can do -– and should do -– right in our own communities... Because it's not enough just to be proud. It's not enough just to feel grateful. It's time for each of us to act. It's time for each of us to be an architect of change for these families in whatever way that we can."

This a quote from First Lady, Michelle Obama, she spoke these words during a speech at a Women's Conference in Long Beach, Ca {Oct 25-27}. {Long Beach is roughly 90-100 miles south of Naval Base Ventura County}

The idea of these thoughts are great, but they are just that thoughts. Not actions. I struggle every day with the fact that I help sailors and their families with issues most will never have to deal with. Why? Because they make a decision to put their country and the orders of the President of the United States before themselves and their families.

While I respect the fact that President Obama is the Commander in Chief and therefore my husbands most ultimate boss I can't help but become angry sometimes. Not just a little annoyed I mean full on arms flailing-swear words flying-face heated-heartbeat racing angry. Why? Simple, because both the President and the First Lady have made several appearances in the last few months not only out to California but to the Los Angeles area. In fact the standby Air Force One lands here often, yet never does the President or the Frist Lady walk off that Air Force One.

President Obama made the decision to increase troop numbers in Afghanistan. In doing this the deployment schedule of many military servicemembers has changed so drastically that troops who landed back on US soil in February of this year are already headed back and it is only October. The rotation schedule has changed such that troops and sailors are home just long enough to get into a family routine only to turn back around and head to back to war.


I think many Americans have forgotten we have soldiers at war. Regardless of your thoughts on the war and if we should be there, there are young men and women who are "over there" doing their job. Every time a plane comes back with a soldier returning from war we should be thanking them. The entire community should be showing their gratitude. However, how can we expect our communities to do that when we are not seeing that done by our own Commander in Chief??

The Dallas Cowboys fly into Point Mugu every summer for training here in oxnard. Every year they make a point to fly in to our base to take a few moments to sign autographs and say thanks.

President Obama flies to LA for fancy dinners and yet he forgets to stop by and see the troops that are gearing up to be gone again for Halloween/thanksgiving/christmas/new years for the second year in a row.

The spouses of these soldiers are beyond resilient. They put many spouses and mothers to shame. They get up every day and continue to live their lives

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

our honeymoon {playa del carmen}

we finally took our honeymoon! the week of thanksgiving we were in Playa del Carmen Mexico {in Caribbean waters}

after taking the red eye out of LAX we ended up here!

{the beach of our hotel}

{view from our breakfast/lunch/dinner location}

{first drink of our vacay...}


{our room, very large and spacious}

{hotel sign...}

{our balcony}

we had a great room location, we overlooked the little patio area that had tea/coffee every day at 5pm.  it also had a waterfall too, so we heard that every night as we read and slept

{first couple picture}

{me after our amazing 80 minute couples massage, thee best massage of my life! }

{mexican shopping cart!haha}

{lobster dinner on night two}


{thank you weight watchers...i did not look like this a few months ago!}

our first full day in PdC the weather was super rainy, our first great beach day was Tuesday...

{dinner at the italian restaurant at the resort}

{wednesday, another great weather all day beach day}

{we went parasailing!}

the parasailing was so much fun, but after having my feet on land again i promptly ran to the room and threw up from being sea sick! I swear to go my body was convulsing as i was throwing up...after the wonderful hubs brought me water and i took a 30 minute siesta i was back on the beach!

{on 5th ave...the shopping/bar/restaurant area}

{Mayan ruins in Tulum}

{we spent Thanksgiving dinner at a little bar/restaurant}

{my thanksgiving dinner, carnitas tacos, TO.DIE. FOR!}

{thanksgiving drinks}

{scott wrote a note in the sand}

{our last day/evening on the beach}

{love this photo!}

we had an amazing trip! there was a some what major snafu when we left Saturday morning...that post is to come.

the resort was great! so nice to wake up, throw on our swim suits, walk to breakfast and then walk down the stairs to the beach.

We spent most of the time like this:
-laying on the beach
-going in the ocean to swim and float around
-move to the pool to drink at the pool bar

Scott and I both read two books on our vacation and felt very relaxed...vacation success!!

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