Sunday, January 24, 2010

adventures of mommyhood, not very hollywood

It has taken me a week to do the recap for last weekend! It was that crazy!

A few months ago our friend Letitia call me and ask if we would watch the boys the holiday weekend in January so her and hubby Luke could go to Vegas...this humble mama of 2 has never been to Vegas! how could I say no?? plus we love our godsons like they are our own...and for the 3 day weekend last weekend the boys were ours. I don't know how L and L do it!

We drove down to SD on Friday night and got to my parents house around 10 parents dog, Chief was not warming up to khloe, not even a little bit! we got about 3 hours of sleep and for a while thought Scott was going to have to drive back up to ventura with khloe...luckily my mom also go home for the east coast late on Friday night and between her and my sis they watched khloe during the day....which meant Scott went back to my parents house each night to sleep with khloe.

We arrived at hotel room aicher's (long story as to why we were at a hotel, but the short version is their lenders were lame and they ended up having to live in a hotel for a week between moving out of their apartment and moving in to their dream home) at about 6:50am on Saturday morning...Scott took L and L to the airport after a run down of where everything is etc. The morning was probably the most calm of all 3 mornings. After scott got back he took Em over to my parents to play with khloe and chief. I attempted to take a 5 month old out to run an errand and have lunch with bestie kate. Preston proved to be my favorite of the weekend (between Em, Preston and Scott). After exploding in his diaper moments before we were about to leave i did a quick change ad we were off! thank god he did it right before we left, the bathroom at Macy's would have probably had paint peeling on the wall! After a quick gnarly diaper change we headed to Macy's so auntie rella could get her eyebrows did! P fell asleep in the car on the way there, and in an effort to keep him that way i did not want to put him in the stroller so I lugged him around in the carrier...i say lug because he is 5 months old and is in the 95th percentile for his weight...he is a big boy! He slept the entire time i got my eyebrows waxed and on the way over to meet bestie kate at Oscar's...yummmmmmmmmm bread sticks! He was a doll the whole day...

Em really enjoyed playing with khloe and chief...that is all he could talk about...and he also played a little guitar...he is really trying to learn how to be a lady killer!

wearing auntie rella's uggs!

Since Em refused to take a nap getting him to bed was a bit of a struggle. he went to bed between 830-9pm which is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay past his bed time....Scott left before Em was asleep to go home and take care of khloe.

finally asleep!!

Sunday morning wasn't too bad...Preston got up every few hours but once he ate he was content to go right back to bed...the problem began when Scott texted me to tell me he had been in the bathroom for 30 minutes and was doing well....thus begins Scott being sick.....

the weekend got a bit more intense from that moment on, and i kinda felt like a single mama of 2...i have no idea how they do it, props to all the single mama's

At one point he had looked at me with a scowl on his face, so i said to him "boy, wipe that look off your face" what did her proceed to do...but wipe his cheek with his hand and then give me this look of "now what????!" I almost died! to freakin funny!

Another classic Em moment, on Saturday after lunch I took P and we went to my parents house for a bit...I went into the bathroom, to, you know, ahem, used the the bathroom...or as Scott and I have for the paper...I am reading a very good trashy mag and Em walks right in....walks up to me, tilts his head, puts his hand on my arm and says..."are you pooping?" hahahahaha, almost fell off the toilet!

Final classic Em moment was also on Saturday...after we put him to bed Scott was giving me a kiss before he left and Em starts chanting, "oooo, are you gunna kiss her, are you gunna kiss her??!" the kid is too funny!!!

Since uncle Scott was sick from Sunday morning on it was more of a survival game. We got Em to take a 2 hour nap on Sunday because we told him we couldn't go see chief and khloe if he didn't take a nap. best idea we had all weekend!

yes, the onesie says "my aunt rocks!"

khloe had a great time at my parents house...I think my mom enjoyed it as well. khloe ran into the sliding glass door a few times but loved sleeping on chiefs huge bed, chasing leaves and chasing chief down the hallway! She came home with a few extra toys too!

when we started our drive back to V town on Monday afternoon the moment we got on the freeway to head back home the torrential downpour began!

khloe passed out in her bed in the backseat on the drive home

the drive took less than 4 hours, which was great, but when we got home I felt like I had been working all weekend and was watching Monday night tv anticipating going back to work again in the morning...thank god I only had a 3 day work week!

L and L we love you lots, and the next time we watch the boys our only request will be to not be in a hotel room!!!


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