Monday, January 11, 2010

round and round and round

oh boy lots going on in the hatzung household...

I want to write a post about Khloe's adventurous weekend, but it requires lots of thought and downloading all the pics etc, and as the title says, everything is just going round and round in my the vet visit and puppy spa will have have to wait :)

There is lots going on between now and July....

next weekend SD to watch our godson's for the weekend

Feb 5-7 in SD to see ash and john and I have some wedding appts

End of Feb tentative date for ash's bridal shower

March 5, ash bachelorette party

March 20. ash wedding

April 15-16, my 27th b-day and our 1 year anniversary

April 25, run in my FIRST half marathon with the girls to the the left, to the left

May 1, my bachelorette party

May 15, my bridal shower

May 17-21 tentative work conference in Florida

June 5, our wedding

June 12, tentative bff bridal shower

June 25, bff bachelorette party in VEGAS

July 4, wedding

July 17, bff wedding!

as you can see LOTS going on...and LOTS of money to spend....

so, right now I kinda feel like this....

but i know when all the stuff happens I will so feel like this...

**images from weheartit


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