Sunday, February 28, 2010

3 down, 98 to go!

Hooray for me, I have knocked three items off of my 101 in 1001 days list...

30. Go through my closet and get rid of clothes that have collected dust
47. Get a professional massage
63. Redecorate our bathroom

I am so excited to be able to cross #30 of my list!

Last Friday I did a major cleaning of the clothes hanging in my closet. I got rid of 4 trader joe's bags of clothes...(some of the clothes were actually vacuumed packed and under my bed, but still..) I was also talking to my girlie, liz, and man did the cleaning fly by while chatting with her..I think whenever I need to overhaul something I might give her a ring ding...

see, all of this gone!

What is even better is a good amount of the clothes were recycled to my girlies, liz, kar and kate! The group of girls who I am going to run the half marathon with...i get to cross that off my list on April 25th! Most of the stuff I got rid of was the conservative suits I wore to NT my last job, and since liz and kar still work at NT they are the perfect people to pass the goods onto. Kate also inherited a few class suit pieces that she can use when she has to go into a meeting and make a statement that says "look here peeps, I mean business and you will listen to me!" lol Never fear though because I still have some great suits and still probably about 15 work appropriate jackets. I think I got rid of about $1000 worth of work items. I know that sounds crazy but when I worked at NT every few months I would go on some bargain basement hunts and get $300-$400 suits for $90 or less...Kar said it best when she wore one of the suits to work and got lots compliments, "you live on at NT but don't actually have to work at this funhouse anymore!" so freakin' true!!

I even got rid of 5 pairs of shoes, and those that really know me, know that is just crazy...but ive also bought about 5 in the last 3 months!shhhhhh, don't tell the hubs

#47 gets to be crossed off after our valentine's day fun. Getting a massage for valentine's day was a great gift and lots of fun!

#63, I redid our bathroom, yay!

I have wanted to change the bathroom for some time, the shower curtain we had was from almost 4 years ago when i first moved into a place in downtown SD after college...the time was now!

On valentine's day Scott and I ran some errands since we hand celebrated the day before. He knew we were going to try and find a shower curtain, and for once was on board with re-decorating and buying something, lol. I really thought it was going to be struggle for us to agree on something but we found an super cute rug that was mostly grey with a little light pink and teal, and then we found a geometric patterned grey shower curtain that we BOTH loved! woohooo!

It is so crazy how a new shower curtain and rug can totally change the look and feel of your bathroom. An even bigger bonus was the colors matched the stuff I had on the wall so I didn't have to shop for accessories!

I will have to add another item to my list because I have move overseas on there twice...I also was reading through them and realized one says I want eat a fondue restaurant, not eat at, but instead that I want to eat the whole restuarant, yuck yuck yuck....


Kelly said...

Yay for 101 goals being completed! Isn't it nice to clean out your closet?? And the new bathroom looks great! :-)

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