Sunday, February 7, 2010

wowza, I've been mia lately...the first week of February is already over and done with!

Work, puppy khloe, running for the 1/2 marathon, and the hubby are keeping my pretty busy. Work as been pretty busy the last few weeks and I am loving it. I am teaching classes about once a week and have gotten a lot of calls to do extra classes, which is great! I am also really getting pretty heavily involved in the marketing aspect of my job and that has been pretty exciting. I just completed the training i needed to be able to do financial counseling at work, which is something that I think I will really excel at, not to toot my own horn :) Now if only I could start a blog for my work and then get paid to blog! :)

Khloe had her second vet visit this past friday, she was 5 pounds 2.5 ounces the first visit, this visit she weighed 8 pounds 3 ounces...scott and i both swore she was going to be over 10 pounds...but i guess she is just growing longer...her little wiener body is so cute! She also got the little chip put in her just in case she ever gets lost...

last night poor little khloe was sick, she threw up about 4 or 5 times...I think she either at a snail or a mushroom from outside. All last night she just snuggled on mama's lap. She is back to her old self today and wants to play and still cuddle :)

this post is proving to be pretty boooooooooooooooooooooooring, but hey, all i have really been doing is working, running, and walking khloe...and every now and again trying to clean the house so my hubby doesn't have a coronary.

I did finally manage to get the invites out for my sis's bachelorette party that is next month! I made them myself, and think they are pretty cute!

This week I am going down to San Diego on wednesday for two days of training for work. That means girls night in SD!! On wednesday I am getting together with my running gals and hopefully my gal dennise for a girls night at a wine bar, I am so excited, can wait! I am driving back up friday after training for a nice valentine's day weekend with the hubby, our first as a married couple! We already have an appointment for a massage on saturday and he made dinner reservations for saturday and won't tell me where :) (We are celebrating a day early because we want to!)

Now, just so you have a reward for reading my boring post here are some pics of khloe

a few close up shots, because, let's face it, she is pretty freakin cute!

daddy pretending to be mad because khloe destroyed her bed and we had to buy a new one

this was her first day out on a walk that was not around the block, she was in heaven with all the people and other doggies

she likes to get in our bags...maybe she thinks she is a purse puppy!

do you think she likes to go on walks?!


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