Friday, March 26, 2010

random ramblings...

Yesterday I started this fun little program

This morning was the second workout and I swear I can already feel a difference in my arm muscles!

This time next week Scott and I will be on our way to Vegas! Friday night will be a fun date night to celebrate our 1 year anniversary which is April 16. Saturday night will be a grand affair as we celebrate Dean and John's dirty 30 and mine and Kate's 27th birthday!! Party like rock stars much!?! I am so ready to spend Saturday day lounging by the pool, reading every trashy magazine known to man while sipping on a yummy bloody mary! We will also be in a betting town for the final four...good thing big money and money's not a problem will be there to throw down some bills!

In other random thoughts I'd like to cancel a few wedding expenses so I can buy myself this lovely piece of art!

Hello speedy come to mama...I will give you a good home, I promise...

Birthday donations of cash will be accepted!

I'd like the p90x to get me to look like Lo and Lauren and then with the Damier speedy LV bag I'd be set!

Don't forget to check out my new blog...

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

khloe loooooves to sleep!

Khloe is having some major issues with keeping her bed in one piece! I bought her a new bed Monday and when I got home Tuesday afternoon she had started to destroy it! Thank god it was only $15 dollars. I think I might have to take a tip from my Aunt Gloria and use old blankets until she stops teething, that means I need to hit up the thrift store!

In other Khloe related events, she sleeps in the funniest positions! Heather over at Live.Love.Laugh also has the cutest wiener doggy and she did a post about the funny ways her doggy sleeps. Thus, I thought it would be cute to do in a post on the sleeping life of Khloe!!

Just a little puppy sleeping on my lap

This was one of her first few nights home, I think I snapped this on my phone at about 3 am!

I looooooove this pic of khloe sleeping on Scott's lap. Look at her cute little leg

Again sleeping on mama's lap

Snuggling with daddy after a long walk

Look how big she is compared to the first few pics!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Vegas baby!

wooohoooooo, next Friday (April 2-4) Scott and I are taking a little adventure to a fun place I like to call heaven, aka, VEGAS!

We are going to celebrate our 1 year wedding anniversary and my besties birthday!

I will be spending this coming weekend picking out outfits, shoes, etc and making sure I have the cutest things packed to wear! Does anyone else love how their hair is in Vegas?! I do!

Also, notice the little button on the left, it is a link to my new blog, married to the military: a day in the life, of a navy should click on over and then start following me over there as well! My next topic I will be discussing is how to have a career when you spouse gets transferred to a new location every 2-4 years, or according to the DOD statistics, 2.9 years!

**images via weheartit

Monday, March 22, 2010

here comes the bride!

Wow, this is my 100th post!

The last few weeks have been crazy busy! Two weekends ago scott and I buckled down and got the house crazy clean and started our wedding invitations, they are super cute! They also required us to get a new printer. Our old printer was possessed so getting a new one was necessary at some point, the wedding invites were just the excuse we needed...

This past weekend was one of the best weekends ever, my baby sis got married! It was a crazy weekend but once 530pm hit on saturday night it was all worth it!

Scott and I drove down to SD thursday night and checked into a hotel. Lots of guests were at my parents house so we opted to feel like we were on a vacay and stay at a hotel, which was a great decision on our part! Friday morning scott and I went on a beautiful run around the San Diego bay, it was so nice out, definitely felt like a wonderful spring day. We then met up with some of the wedding party for lunch at Oggi's pizza and then went to do the rehearsal for the wedding. My sister got married on the Submarine base in Point Loma, over looking the water. During the rehearsal the wind was out of control, our hair was literally standing on end. We were praying that it would calm down for the wedding.

After the rehearsal I ran a few errands for myself and the bride-to-be and then we headed to my parents house for the rehearsal dinner. The wedding party plus the ushers were there, it was fun to just hang out and chat with everyone. My aunt Joan, Anna, and Ryan also arrived from New York on friday night. I have not seen them in over 13 years, so it was sooooo good to see them! The night ended pretty late as I made all the boutonnieres, corsages and my sisters bouquet. It was a very long process, but for having zero experience in making any of them I think they turned out great! My sis and mom made the bridesmaids bouquets the day before, they looked great too, but thank gosh we didn't need to do those on friday night as well. It was well after 11pm when we left to get back to the hotel. You can imagine that I pretty much passed out as soon as a I washed my face and my head hit the pillow.

Saturday my sis, her best friend chrissy and I had hair appts starting at 930 am. By 1230 I was finally on my way to run a few more errands and then have a breather for a few minutes before we headed over to the ceremony and reception area. Of course it was a crazy afternoon, I think crazy might be an understatement. I can guarantee you after this weekend I could soooooo be a wedding planner, I was directing people like it was my job! Hey, the maid of honor is supposed to make sure the bride is not stressed! The wedding party started to arrive at 3 pm, we started getting things set up, rearranging things that I instructed them to do the day before, but for some reason the did not do as promised. We spent 2 hours getting everyone ready, the boys were setting up the decorations etc, as well as Tina and Mark (thanks guys!).

I think it became apparent that I was in charge when I went outside to announce that everyone needed to make sure john was not any where in sight because ashlee was about to walk across the hallway to the bathroom. When I made this announcement I yelled much louder than I had anticipated and since my voice also echoed I am pretty sure the people across the bay could hear me and thought I was declaring war!

Things finally got wrapped up and we were ready to go. I of course began crying before I even walked down the aisle! I cannot describe how beautiful the ceremony turned out! The wind was CALM! In the beginning of the ceremony a massive cruise ship was leaving SD and passed by the background. The captain of the ship must have noticed the ceremony because he gave a night big honk for us! We also were graced with a fly over of a Navy prowler, which was so loud the chaplain had to stop talking...he then announced to the crowd, if you only knew how hard it is to arrange something like that! Another surprise in the ceremony was when John surprised the bride with a brand new huge sparkly engagement ring, it was so gorgeous, when I saw him put it on after the wedding band I gasped like I had seen a ghost, hahaha!

This post is beginning to take the length of the new health care bill so I think I will end it now and just show you a sneak peak at the pictures of the wonderful beautiful day!

you can see in this picture that I have been crying like a baby who is teething! This is about 10 minutes after I did my maid of honor speech. Scott informed me that I brought down the house but I was so focused on just reading it and getting through it without sobbing that all I could see through my water filled glasses were the speech and my sister.

the father daughter dance, this pic is a bit dark

Stay tuned for many more pictures!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

my sista's bachelorette party!

wow! It has been almost two weeks since my sister's bachelorette party!

I wanted to post about this much sooner, but it has just been so crazy busy! But since her wedding is this Saturday I should probably get the bachelorette party pics up so I can post the wedding pics!

The night started when I picked my sister up to go check into our two hotel rooms at Hotel Salomar in downtown San Diego....shout out to Jankowski who hooked us up with two amazing rooms with an amazing view for a ridiculously awesome price....

We got ready with my bff while people started to arrive.

We had drinks, had fun, took pics and then got to steppin to the sushi joing RA...where we rolled in 14 deep to partake in yummy sushi and sake bombs!

After we were stuffed we headed to the country bar Double duece for a night of dancing, drinking, bull riding and singing "I'm on a boat mother f**kerI won't spend time writing about all the fun, I will just let you see it :)

gotta end the night with some grub!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Let me tell you how I feel....

I know this blog has been mostly about light hearted fun things going on in our life, but today's post is a bit more serious in nature. (Stay tuned in the coming days for a replay of bridal and bachelorette party events!)

The National Military Family Association (NMFA) is the organization that helps coordinate and organize the 2010 FINRA Foundation Military Spouse Fellowship. This fellowship gives military spouse the opportunity to get their AFCPE licensing and become financial counselors, which is a highly portable career, and a portable career is key to the military lifestyle.

Three years ago FINRA decided to make all civil service and government contracted employees ineligible for the fellowship, EVEN if they are a military spouse.

Here is a letter I wrote to a NMFA representative regarding my dissatisfaction with FINRA and their rules for the fellowship: (Don't worry, she asked me to write it and thus she knows the tone is not directed towards her)

I am writing regarding my disappointment with the rules created by FINRA regarding the eligibility for the 2010 FINRA Foundation Military Spouse Fellowship Application. Individuals are not eligible for the fellowship if they are a "current employee of contractors serving the United States government" - this is an unfair rule. It seems as though spouses who work as a contracted employee for the government are being punished and not able to receive the same program support as, say a spouse who is working at a credit union or financial institution. Many spouses, due to their service member's duty location, live in a place where the best chance of employment is to work as a contracted employee for the government. It seems to me that this fellowship was created to help military spouses get the funding needed to get their financial counseling certification and "build a rewarding career that is flexible to the demands of the military family lifestyle."

I am a military spouse first and a contracted employee second. Every 3-4 years I will pack up and support my husband as he fulfills the oath he took to "support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that he will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that he will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over him". My husband joined the Navy and dedicated his life to the job of serving his country. The day that I married him, I too dedicated my life to the job of supporting my husband in every way possible to serve his country. The purpose of the fellowship is to help the spouse with the certification needed by the AFCPE to start a portable career. The job a spouse currently holds should not have any bearing on the fact that she wants to improve her self and find a career that will be available to her no matter where she moves.

It is disappointing to see that the purpose of this fellowship to help military spouses somehow got lost. The program should not discriminate against a spouse who is currently a contracted employee of the government; but should instead look at individuals on a case-by-case basis to make sure this certification is in fact for their own benefit, and not a ploy or scam. Your purpose is to support the military spouse who is in constant support of her service member - if that means you have to take an extra few minutes to legitimize the application, then I believe it is the least that can be done to show your support for the military family lifestyle.

I hope you will take the time to review your eligibility rules and remember why you started this fellowship in the first place: to support the military spouse.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March already!

wow, it is already March 2nd! The first part of the year is almost over. That means in about 6 weeks I turn 27 and Scott and I have our 1 year anniversary! 27, whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?!? That means I am much closer to 30 than 21. Where in the world does the time go? That also means in about 7 weeks I will be running in my first half marathon! Am I ready? That is a mighty fine questions to ask... physically probably not where I should be, but I just keep thinking, "13.1 miles, girl you can do this, you will do this!"

I'd like this cake please!

This weekend I will hosting my sister's bachelorette party and bridal shower (the bridal shower with my mom!). Lots of food, fun and drinks will be had by all! Therefore, that probably means lots of Starbucks as well! You can image the buttload of pics I will have to share next week! Oh and maybe a few fashion posts because I scored some awesome stuff at F21 for the weekend.

*images from weheartit

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