Wednesday, March 24, 2010

khloe loooooves to sleep!

Khloe is having some major issues with keeping her bed in one piece! I bought her a new bed Monday and when I got home Tuesday afternoon she had started to destroy it! Thank god it was only $15 dollars. I think I might have to take a tip from my Aunt Gloria and use old blankets until she stops teething, that means I need to hit up the thrift store!

In other Khloe related events, she sleeps in the funniest positions! Heather over at Live.Love.Laugh also has the cutest wiener doggy and she did a post about the funny ways her doggy sleeps. Thus, I thought it would be cute to do in a post on the sleeping life of Khloe!!

Just a little puppy sleeping on my lap

This was one of her first few nights home, I think I snapped this on my phone at about 3 am!

I looooooove this pic of khloe sleeping on Scott's lap. Look at her cute little leg

Again sleeping on mama's lap

Snuggling with daddy after a long walk

Look how big she is compared to the first few pics!


Brittany said...

Goodness, she is just so adorable! :-)

Heather said...

Bella sleeps upside down like that, it's hilarious. Is Khloe a dachshund?

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