Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March already!

wow, it is already March 2nd! The first part of the year is almost over. That means in about 6 weeks I turn 27 and Scott and I have our 1 year anniversary! 27, whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?!? That means I am much closer to 30 than 21. Where in the world does the time go? That also means in about 7 weeks I will be running in my first half marathon! Am I ready? That is a mighty fine questions to ask... physically probably not where I should be, but I just keep thinking, "13.1 miles, girl you can do this, you will do this!"

I'd like this cake please!

This weekend I will hosting my sister's bachelorette party and bridal shower (the bridal shower with my mom!). Lots of food, fun and drinks will be had by all! Therefore, that probably means lots of Starbucks as well! You can image the buttload of pics I will have to share next week! Oh and maybe a few fashion posts because I scored some awesome stuff at F21 for the weekend.

*images from weheartit


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