Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Vegas, Finally!!!

VEGAS was a success…

I get to cross number 43 off my 101 in 1001 days list! This past weekend Scott and I went to Vegas and met up with my two bff’s and a fiancĂ©. We had such an amazing time!

We started off the trip by dropping khloe off at a friend’s house, she was so excited to stay with the kids and have a yard she didn’t care that mommy and daddy were leaving, she was too busy in her new backyard.

2 hours after we were on the road I pulled over at a gas station to let Scott take the wheel…after a quick run into the bathroom I get back into the car, to find that Scott had just found a $100 bill on the ground outside!!! Hello gambling money for VEGAS!

We checked into our hotel room and after a quick change of clothes on my part, umm hello, a girl has to look cute in Vegas at all times, we hit the strip to walk around and enjoy the afternoon.

We headed back to the hotel, got ready to hit up our favorite dinner buffet at MGM Grand and then gamble at our favorite casino, New York New York. Dinner was yummy and the gambling was great! Scott put in $20 bucks and left with $136! So we were up $216 dollars on Friday night! I played a sex and the city slot machine and got a nice little winning, I think like $40 from a $20.

Our friends arrived at about 11 pm. We met them back at the hotel and had a drink while Kate and I opened our birthday presents. Kate got me a bunch of Benefit make-up, my fav! It is all the stuff needed to look like a bronzed beauty! Kar got me an amazing candle and perfume from anthropologie and a bottle of wine that is in fact called “Mad Housewife”! How freakin’ funny is that?!!?

We hit up a few bars and then ended the night at Casino Royale where Scott got a lesson in craps and a got a lesson in Roulette. It was such a fun night and perfect first night in Vegas.

Saturday we were up and ready to go to the pool at 9 am, oh the glorious pool! We got a prime location to people watch and lay under the sun that finally came out at full force around 10am. Scott and I hit up the hotel buffet and let me tell you, I ate everything but the kitchen sink. Here goes the list: fried chicken, biscuit and eggs, french toast and waffles, prime rib and watermelon and then a plate full of yummy desserts….oh yes, who could forget a mimosa to wash it all down! This little piggy rolled herself back to the pool to read all the trashy magazines a girl could wish for, plus a little fashion as well!

At around 3 the girls headed across the street to Caesar’s Palace to have happy hour at The Cheesecake Factory while the boys went to Planet Hollywood to watch the final 4 games. Happy hour was tons of fun; the Factory has the best sangria I have had in a long time…

After going back to the room to get dolled up for a night on the town VIP style, {while trying to get ourselves unlost from the casino at Caesar’s Palace we were stopped by Anthony and asked if we wanted to go to PURE that night…of course we did! And of course we got tons of free VIP passes and free drink passes, score!} we headed to PF Changs for dinner to celebrate the April birthdays, me, Kate and John! I enjoyed an ah-maz-ing Asian Pear Mojito, talk about heaven, it was delightful, to say the least! After dinner we headed to PURE and to make a long story short, Kar was extremely tired and decided it would be in her best interest to head back to the hotel and hit the hay…thus Kate and I partied VIP style at PURE while the boys gambled the night away! PURE, by far, was the best club I have experienced in VEGAS. We got in for free, didn’t have to wait more then 20 minutes in line and once we got in we spent a whole whooping $30 all night on drinks! How did we only spend $30, we were VIP baby! We spent most of the night in the VIP section, the same VIP section as Ryan Cabrera and Leona Lewis, who was there to celebrate her birthday!

This is the side of Ryan Cabrera

in case you were wondering, smoking kills!

partying in VIP, the girl in the yellow was from canada!

The drive home on Sunday was torture to say the least! Scott and I were so tired I felt like the 5 hour drive took 10! When we got home we snuggled with khloe on the couch all night…

Conclusion, Vegas was the bomb!


Brittany said...

I want to go to Vegas SO bad!! Glad you had such an amazing time :-) Love all the pics! And how awesome was it to be a VIP!?

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