Monday, June 28, 2010

my bachelorette party, aka Girl's night out!

I can’t believe my “bachelorette” party was almost two months ago! The last eight weeks have been, crazy, hectic and yet oh so fun!

Since Scott and I were obviously already married before our big wedding extravaganza I opted to have more of a Girl’s Night Out instead of a traditional Bachelorette party. We started out the festivities at the pool of our hotel. It had an amazing view of Coronado and Downtown. After a few hours in the sun we headed to the room to have drinks and get dolled up. The theme for the night was black, white and pink.

Dinner was a Café Sevilla. We had tons of appetizers and yummy sangria!

We hit up I think 3 or 4 clubs, and ended up at good ol’ Double Duece….

I will let the pictures from the night show you the fun that was had by all!!!!

A huge thanks to Kate who did all the wonderful planning to make operation GNO a success!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!

wow! the madness is finally over! In the past six week I had a girls night out/bachelorette party, a bridal shower, went to Florida for a week for work, and Scott and I finally had our big wedding celebrations.

To say that I have a butt ton of pictures to share would be an understatement!

In the next few days I will be posting about all of the lovely events!!!

P.S. the Hubbs bought me and ipad as a wedding present for all of my stress and planning! soooo excited!!!!

I will leave you with this.....

our photographer was BEYOND amazing!

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