Sunday, July 4, 2010

my baby khloe is a big girl today..

Today khloe became a woman...hahaha...she is still my baby since she is only 7.5 months old.

She was in heat today...

Scott did not want to believe me that she was in heat when we saw spots of blood on the floor.

About an hour or two later when there was more blood on the floor he got freaked out and we had to do a major inspection.

We are also dog sitting this weekend, thank god the doggy is a girl, old lady, she is 7-9 years old. The owners aren't exactly sure because she was a rescue dog.

After doing some online research, hello, it became obvious that we needed to get khloe lady doggy diapers. I went to Petco, without khloe of course, I didn't want any boys to mount her!, i bought a crap load of things.

First i picked out a cute little outfit for her...if she is going to be in heat at least she can be cute! Plus i figured a doggy diaper wouldn't look so crazy if she had a top on as well!

I made my way to the doggy diaper alive those things are expensive...i went with the cloth, washable kind...i know that khloe would eat the disposable kind. I think needed to buy puppy liners, aka, the same exact thing as panty liners for women.

I also bought a bag of toys that were on super sale so khloe and daisy would have some toys to play with.

At the register the gal informed me that little girls underwear work just as well, but with hole cut out for the tail, of course!

Genius I thought! I already had to go to Target, I would check the little girls underwear and potentially save some money.

I ended up buying the girls XS underwear and with a doggy liner inside, a whole for her tail, and a safety pin to make the undies a little more snug they worked! 7 pairs for 6.99 and i get to return the crazy ones to petco that were 20 bucks!

here are a few pics to show khloe in her "in heat" outfit!


Brittany said...

Here's another idea - infant diapers!! Just cut a hole in the diaper for the tail and they work wonders! My dog tries to get them off but they're much more difficult to get off than puppy ones. She is too cute though in her outfit! haha

diarydays said...

Hey, just stopping by as I am one of your newest bloggers. Congrats to Khole, she is such a cute dog!! Also I love the outfits supercute.

Anyways...follow me :)


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