Sunday, August 29, 2010

book club, i love you!

On Friday night I had my first girls night in Ventura...I know, I know, it only took about 15 months, but let me tell you it was well worth the wait!

Liz, Edith and I met at Edith's house for wine, cheese and a book chat about Eat, Pray, Love. Of course I had not yet finished the book, but it did not make any difference in discussing the book.

I have never been a part of a book club, and boy oh boy have I been missing out! It was an amazing experience. The three of us were at a constant state of sqwaking. We must have covered 15 different topics and never missed a beat.

While I have about 30 pages left of the book I think it is safe to say I LOVED it. It was so amazing to read about her journey, she writes about it so well. I literally felt like I was taken to another place every time I opened the book. Reading about her experience finding herself was something I think anyone and everyone can related to. I think we all spend so much of our life doing what we think others and society expect from us. We do not spend enough time finding out what makes us happy.

We touched on many topics from the book that lead us to some deep thoughts and sharing of our own lives, it was truly and amazing experience. I think one of the things we spent some time discussing and we also continued to come back to was the idea that Americans don't know how to enjoy something or take pleasure in it. "Americans know entertainment, but you don't know pleasure..." We know how to do things that entertain us, but we do not know how to truly take pleasure in something, to enjoy things in life. I think a big difference between pleasure and entertainment is that with entertainment we are expecting something, and we usually pay for it. We do not take pleasure in the many things around us.
The book prompted us to discuss so many topics, it was a great way for the three of us to really get to know one another. Plus we got to drink wine, and eat cheese and bruschetta, who could ask for more?!

liz, me & edith


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