Thursday, August 19, 2010

eat, pray, it!

If you've been keeping up you know that I am starting a club...and in that club we will be having a book club.

{Doesn't it sound so very 4th grade to say I am starting a club?! Well, it is a Navy Enlisted Spouses' Club, and to be an entity on the base we must call ourselves a club, so very elementary school, huh...but still clubs were always fun as a kid and they are fun now! Especially because now you can have wine at this club, haha

E and L and I have decided we will start a practice round of the book club and are reading Eat, Pray, Love...can I just say that I am in love! full on LOVE. This book is amazing, every time I open my ipad to read it I swear it is like a play/movie is going on in my head. I have such a vivid idea of what the people look like and the surroundings. I of course have Julia Roberts as the main character since she is the character in the movie, but i have to say that beyond having her look, i have no idea if the character in my head is the same as the one that is on the big screen. {worlds longest sentence, I think so!}

We are going to see the movie after we finish the book and I think Julia Roberts is going to be FABULOUS in it. I love her, so. She just seems so real and down to earth, unlike some hollywood stars...ahem. A. Jolie...ahem

Reading the book really makes me think about and re-evaluate so many things. I obviously am not going through a divorce (not giving anything away) nor do I plan to ever be, but it still gives a lot of thought and value to the way you live your every day life...I am a lot like Liz, very much needing to be in control.

It also makes you want to take a year off and explore the world...anyone wanna flip the bill?!


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