Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I wanna start a club!

So guess what, I did!

Crazy, right?!

I have been in search of a good social support system up here but have had no luck. Scott is at a shore command, for all you non Military folks that means he does not deploy while we are stationed here. Good for us, bad for my social life. All of the commands at our base that do deploy have a family readiness group, me, not so much. Thus the idea of starting and enlisted spouses club sprang to.

I have been in meetings getting the blessing from all the big wigs here at base. To say it is was a struggle in the beginning would be the understatement of the century, but never fail, I am as persistent as the come! I did not give up and am now in the marketing stage of getting spouses interested.

My bestest gal pal in Ventura, Edith is my right hand gal, and my newest gal pal, Liz, has jumped on board with my crazy dream. The three of us are going to change the world! Ok, so maybe not the world, but you have to dream big right?!!?

I am also going to be starting a column on our base newspaper that is about being newly married to the military. I am really excited to get to take my corky writing skills and stories to the streets. I will be sure to share my articles with you all as well!

In other news, I have been trying to upload wedding photos to the blog and it just isn’t happening. Just as they are about to be done uploading the website goes cra cra. Not sure why, I think I might need to do some adjustments to my laptop. So, until then we will have to continue on with the every day ramblings of a gal trying to change the world, one glass of wine and crazy hair brained scheme at a time…

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